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2011 Accomplishments: Giving veterans a hand up

Veterans Village of San DiegoIn 2011, an increasing number of veterans in the United States faced food insecurity, difficulty in obtaining employment, and the loss of a fixed place of abode.

In an expansion of grants directed at fighting hunger and poverty, supported the efforts of Feed Our Veterans, Veterans Homestead, and Veterans Village of San Diego to provide meals, housing, and employment counseling for military families in their communities.

Expansion of these grants to include more organizations offering counseling for veterans and their families as well as other job training opportunities is planned for 2012.

In addition, gave grants to Pets For Vets to provide service animals for veterans.

Overall, gave more than $3.1 million to 111 charities operating in the United States and worldwide in 2011. Support for charities focused on helping veterans was made possible in part by The Veterans Site, the Gifts That Give More [tm] program, and other donations.

Photo: From Veterans Village of San Diego's Stand Down providing services to homeless veterans.

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