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Bringing Orchards To Life In Ethiopia

In the Millennium Village of Koraro, Ethiopia, Tsegay Gebre-Kida used to use a treadle pump to extract water for his farmland. The resulting trickle of water barely supported enough fruits and vegetables to feed his family.

Working with MVP counselors, he learned about improved irrigation techniques and expanded the diameter of his well. Then MVP provided him a loan for diesel pump, allowing him to increase his irrigation capacity. The change turned his modest plot into an orchard. 

Orange orchardWith nearly 300 orange, guava, mango, and avocado trees, this farmer not only feeds his family but also has the surplus fruit at local markets.

"The farm has enabled me to send my children to school," he said, and "build two new houses, and [open] one flour mill" in Megab, a nearby town. "I also have two paired oxen for plowing and five cows for dairy," he added. supports MVP's efforts to provide Ethopian farmers with sustainable farming techniques and improved irrigation through contributions from The Hunger Site.

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