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Cora: a successful seal rescue story from PMMC

CoraCora was rescued by Pacific Marine Mammal Center on Oct. 25, 2010. The little elephant seal made her way from the surf up to the boardwalk at Laguna’s main beach, just 96 pounds and extremely dehydrated.  After a couple days of hydration therapy and nutritious fish smoothies at PMMC, she started to gain weight. But Cora’s adventures weren’t over yet: a Dec. 22 flood and mudslide damaged the Center. Cora  and the other patients at PMMC had to be transferred to a facility in San Pedro while staff and volunteers worked to repair center.

On Jan. 14, Cora returned to the re-opened PMMC and nine days later she was successfully released back into the ocean. Her final weight was a healthy 300 pounds!

After the December floods, PMMC volunteers and staff worked to restore the Center’s hospital and other facilities first. Repair work continues on areas such as the visitor center, which is expected to be completed this spring. While the flood damage was extensive, PMMC staff reports that none of the animals in their care were harmed and they are fully back to business in caring for stranded or injured marine mammals like Cora.

In 2010,'s contributions to PMMC were funded by the Gifts That Give More program and Extra Donation Days in the GreaterGood Network stores.  To learn more about PMMC, please click here.

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