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Following Mercy Corps' work in Somalia via their blogs

For nearly a decade, Mercy Corps' Cassandra Nelson has traveled to disasters around the globe. In her current journeys through Somalia, "the situation in Mogadishu is truly the worst humanitarian crisis I have seen," she wrote recently in a blog hosted at Mercy Corps website.

"Over the past 60 days alone, an estimated 100,000 Somalis — driven by drought and famine — have fled to Mogadishu in search of food, water, shelter and other assistance. Tens of thousands of people are moving in search of assistance and temporarily settle anywhere they can find a little space to set up a makeshift shelter," she reported. "For these displaced families, life is that of absolute destitution as they face a myriad of challenges ranging from thirst, hunger, exposure to the harsh sun, severe malnutrition, cholera, disease and more. Tens of thousands of people have already died."

As Mercy Corps works to alleviate the suffering in these camps, Nelson's reporting helps those outside of Africa better understand what is happening and why help is so urgently needed. In Kenya and Ethiopia, Erin Gray contributes similar stories about the situation there. supports Mercy Corps' efforts to end this suffering through contributions from The Hunger Site.

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