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HAND/EYE helps Haiti's artisans rebuild their workshops

In Haiti, where even the simplest things have never been easy or straightforward, it’s a little more complicated than before to do anything.  But groups of artisans are hanging together to find new work spaces and new markets.  The HAND/EYE Fund Artisan Grants Program is using their grant from to help Haitian artisans get their businesses back on track.

A traditional papier mache house and a painting on rubbleIn Jacmel, many papier mache artisans lost their home workshops. The February’s Carnival, their major annual market and important part of their income, was canceled. 

While crumbled buildings still remain as painful evidence of the 2010 earthquake, the painters of Jacmel are using the rubble as canvas, following a long tradition of Haitian resourceful re-use of materials.  With assistance from HAND/EYE, they can purchase paint and other supplies.

Voudou flag makers may have kept their houses or workshops, but the tiny, expensive beads used in their artwork were tumbled by the earthquake and lost in the dirt.  HAND/EYE is working to support long-term supply of the beads and sequins to these artisans.

In Port-au-Prince, the city hardest hit by the earthquake, HAND/EYE helps Caribbean Craft provide lunch for their workforce.  With many  workers still sleeping in tents and makeshift camps after losing their homes, a dependable daily meal is greatly appreciated.

Recognizing the importance of helping the Haitian people rebuild their jobs as well as their homes, and the HAND/EYE Fund are working together to help artisans regain the tools and materials necessary for their long-term success. To learn more, please click here.
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