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Marine Surprises His Younger Brother

This is a great reunion story of two brothers.  The older brother is a Marine.  The younger brother is a basketball player at the University of Illinois.  They have been close all of their lives, especially since their father's death when they were much younger.  They suffered through poverty together, the older brother, though they are close in age, taking on the role of a father for his younger brother.

The older brother has been in Afghanistan. In this video he has planned a surprise for his younger bother at basketball practice.  His brother thinks he is still in Afghanistan.   The fact that they love each other and are very close will come out clearly as you watch this video unfold.   

The video is a great example of the love that brothers have for each other, but it also reveals the quality of these two young men.   Both of these young men are stand up guys.   Enjoy.

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