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Mercy Corps helps one million Africans survive - and plans to do more

The Horn of AfricaMercy Corps has been working in the drought-ravaged Horn of Africa for years. Currently the organization has teams up and running in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Already they are already helping more than one million people in the region survive through emergency food distributions, clean water delivery, and cash-for-work activities that allow people to earn much-needed income.

In the coming weeks, their programs will be expanded to help even more people.

Mercy Corps efforts focus on preventing people from fleeing in desperation to overpopulated camps where their lives will only worsen. They are working to help communities both survive the massive shock – and build back better. Already they have given 625,000 Ethiopians access to food, water, income, and better farming resources.

Mercy Corps is providing emergency food distributions – including corn-soy flour and cooking oil – to help feed people as well as delivering clean water to those hit hard by drought. In communities where there is no water, they already have trucked in hundreds of thousands of liters. Where there are existing water systems, they are bringing in emergency fuel to keep water pumps running.

An estimated one million Africans already have been helped by Mercy Corps' ongoing efforts, but there is still more to do and Mercy Corps plans to expand their efforts to help as many as possible. supports Mercy Corps efforts in the Horn of Africa through contributions from The Hunger Site and other GreaterGood Network websites.

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