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Millennium Promise teaches fruit tree cultivation in Mali

Lessons in MaliThe tree nursery project located in the Tiby Millennium Village Cluster offers women in the region a chance to learn how to grow their own orchards of fruit trees. Not only will these trees provide a nutritious supplement to their family’s diet, but they can also give the women a salable crop.

The Tiby Millennium Villages are located in the Dioro rural commune in central Mali. In these eleven Millennium Villages, more than 75% of productive residents are engaged in agriculture.

Training began in April 2011 after the women finished harvesting their current crops. The first part concentrated on how to grow trees from seeds, a technique which requires less financial investment although it can take longer.

The eighty women participating in the program learned how to construct a shelter for young seedlings, mix soil into plastic bags for germination, seed the bags, and care for their trees.

“There is a secret in trees. Never confiscate the knowledge of how to multiply and plant trees while your neighbor has no idea,” their teachers told them, adding “If you do not teach them, they will cut your trees in your absence, but if you have trees and your neighbor too has trees, you will live in peace”.

Participants from Senenkou said they dreamed of creating women-run orchards for their village. They added that this initiative will help them to overcome the shortages of fruits in their locality, specifically during dry seasons. supports Millennium Villages through donations received from The Hunger Site and the Gifts That Give More program.

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