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More than 9,000 stoves provided for women in Darfur

In 2009/10,’s contributions to the Darfur Stoves Project funded the distribution of 9,150 stoves, helping an estimated 46,500 people (at approximately five family members per household) currently living in refugee camps.

As a sidenote, the organizers of the Darfur Stove Project estimated that the distribution of these more efficient cooking stoves also removed more than 22,000 tons of C02 (greenhouse gases) from the environment -- roughly the equivalent of 4,200 U.S. cars taken off the road for an entire year.

But far more important than the environmental impact was the impact the stove had on the lives of the women in the camps. “To avoid danger, some Dafuri women purchase wood…by selling the very food that they need to feed their families,” noted organizers of the Darfur Stoves Project.

By halving their needed fuel consumption, the stoves saved the women from making the impossible decision between risking their lives to seek out fuel or spending scarce resources.

“Since receiving the Berkeley-Darfur Stove, my daily firewood expenses have been reduced,” said Aisha, one of those who had received the stove. “There is also no smoke. It burns very well and cooks fast. When the women visit, they always ask me where I got my stove.”

In its year-end report to, DSP concluded with “We are grateful for our continued partnership through our participation in The Hunger Site’s Gifts That Give More program. We appreciate the opportunity to increase awareness about the issues affecting the lives of people in Darfur. Our partnership with will remain the cornerstone of our fund- and awareness-raising efforts as we work to achieve our goals for the coming year.”

In 2011, DSP hopes to increase stove distribution throughout the camps. They estimate that more than 300,000 families are in need of stoves.

To learn more about the Darfur Stove Project, please click here.

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