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Welcome Home: The Moment

There are all kinds of homecomings, but none match the homecoming of a returning warrior to the real world, to the warm circle of family and home after surviving the unreal realms of war. This video says it all.  The moment of reunion.  That moment that the returning warrior has thought about for months.  This is the moment dreamed about a thousand times in the quiet between patrols, or attacks, always under the ever present threat of danger.  It is a moment dreamed about with an intensity that is unmatched, precisely because that dream is always held within the environment of potential sudden death or serious injury.

It is that moment that a young wife and mother, who has lived through a long year without her husband, the loving father of her innocent child, has longed for with an intense, almost desperate hope.  It is that moment when she can finally let go of her fears and her longing, when she can sink into his arms, feel the touch of his face, and hear the sound of his voice again.  There are no words for either of them in this moment of reunion.  No words could capture or express what they feel in this moment.  There is only each other's embrace, only that closeness that both have missed and so longed for over the long, tense, fearful time of his deployment.  The time for talking will come later.  They will begin again the adventure of marriage and parenthood that they entered before he was called to duty.  They will have their challenges ahead of them, as we all do.  They will go through the process of reintroducing themselves to each other again.  But no one can take this moment away from them.  

This video is very moving.  It is so simple, yet so full of inexpressible relief and joy.    We wish all of our returning veterans a hearty, "Welcome Home."  We honor the returning warriors and their patient and enduring families.  May they never be so divided again.

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