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Latest I Support Our Veterans Articles

The Best Graduation Gift

Feb 6, 2014: Serving overseas means that you miss out on a lot of family birthdays, holidays, and vacations. Besides family, you also leave behind other members of your support system like your best friends. That was the case for Tina Halvorsen, who has been deployed in Afghanistan for the past four months. Best friends since second grade, she and her friend Allen share an inseparable bond. Unfortunately, Tina missed Allen's birthday in September, and thought she would also miss his graduation. Much to Allen's surprise, and due to Tina's careful planning, he had a surprise guest show up for his special ceremony.

A Strong Support System Makes A Difference

Feb 4, 2014: Frank, a U.S. Marine, began feeling distant and angry after returning from multiple deployments. At his wife's request, Frank sought outside support in order to get his anger and stress under control. Many others who have served time overseas face the same issues upon returning to the U.S. Frank credits the help he receieved from trained professionals, as well as the support from his loved ones and wife as to how he got back to enjoying life after his service.

Asking For Help Doesn't Mean You Are Weak

Jan 30, 2014: When a loved one returns from their time overseas, they often have a difficult time assimilating back into their old life. Often, the ones they are hurting are not just themselves. For the family in this video, the family unit was struggling because of the challenges they were facing. Once this Marine realized that his personal struggles were affecting his fiance and children, he decided to reach out for help. His patient fiance supported his journey by learning the tools he needed to manage his challenges, and standing by his side while he progressed.

Surprise Military Reunion Unfolds at the Free Throw Line

Jan 28, 2014: Drama can be an expected part of any basketball game, but this one took an unusual twist. See it for yourself.

Military Mascot Magic

Jan 28, 2014: Halftime shows during basketball games are always exciting. Sometimes there is dancing, sometimes singing, and sometimes, if you are a lucky girl named Simms, you get the biggest surprise of your life. Thinking she was helping present an American flag in honor of her father, she stood proudly next to the presenter and the school mascot named Paws. When Paws removes his mascot head, what happens next will both shock and delight you.

Troops Reunited With Overseas Dogs

Jan 23, 2014: While overseas, many troops form close emotional bonds with the stray dogs that roam the streets. The dogs helped them cope and heal emotionally and saved their spirits while they were away from home for so long. One organization is partnering with soldiers and the stray dogs that they have found in order to reunite them together once again once they return home. As one soldier puts it, "He helped me survive out there, and now I'm going to give him a home and allow him to survive."

How Do You Spell S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E?

Jan 21, 2014: A young girl gets a huge surprise after being asked to spell "sergeant" during her school's spelling bee. After correctly spelling the word, the curtains pulled back to reveal a much better prize than winning the spelling contest.

Emotional School Surprise For Two Daughters

Jan 16, 2014: Assembly day is always an exciting time during elementary school. You get a few hours away from class, get to sit next to your friends, and if you happen to be a little girl named Adrian or Emily, you get a huge surprise!

Emotional School Surprise For Lucky Sons

Jan 13, 2014: Staff Sergeant Christopher Page has been serving our country for the past year, and has been away from his loving family. He decides to give his two sons a wonderful surprise when he becomes the star of the show during a school assembly. Get the tissues ready!

To The Military Spouses And Children: Thank You

Jan 11, 2014: Having a loved one away overseas for long periods of time is one of the toughest things you can imagine having to face in your lifetime. For many spouses and children of service members, it is their daily reality. Luckily for the people serving overseas, they know have a loving support system waiting for them back at home. To those who patiently wait for their husband, wife, father, or mother to come home from duty, we say "Thank you" for all that you do.

WWII Veteran Shares Stories With A Smile

Jan 3, 2014: A sprained ankle caused Joe Schaefer to miss the action on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Hurt during a baseball game, the doctors kept him out of service for a few months while he healed. He tells his war stories with a smile however, and even while discussing the personal tragedies he has faced, his smile never leaves his face. Watch as Joe shares his experience and looks through old familiar photographs of his time serving our country.

Santa Surprises Three Believers

Dec 30, 2013: Sitting on Santa's lap is a magical time for a child. This is their one chance to ask for anything they want this holiday season. For some kids, that may mean asking for a new bike, a new video game, or the newest electronic. For three young kids in Pennsylvania, they asked for something much more meaningful. All these special siblings wanted for Christmas was for their dad to come back from Iraq.

Veteran Valentine's Day Surprise

Dec 19, 2013: An unexpected early deployment date gave one marine the opportunity of a lifetime. Without telling his girlfriend, he arranged the perfect Valentine's day surprise.

Vietnam Veteran Shares Story

Dec 18, 2013: Bill Otterlei was drafted into the Vietnam war when he was only 18 years old. He and his fellow soldiers had to learn and adapt to the combat lifestyle quickly and with very little training. Bill is now the facilities officer for the San Jose Vietnam memorial. He says it helps him to remember all of the people he served with during his time overseas.

A “Day That Will Live in Infamy” Told Through Pictures

Dec 7, 2013: In the sparkling blue waters off the coast of Oahu, the massive hulk of the USS Arizona sits frozen, a snapshot of tragedy from more than seventy years ago. A watery tomb for many of the ship’s crew, the sunken remnant represents the first American casualties of a war destined to consume the entire world.
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