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Latest Notes from a Veteran Articles

Medal of Honor Recipients Sit Down for Intimate Interview

Jan 25, 2014: The Medal of Honor citations read like fiction: harrowing accounts of heroism at great personal risk. Yet their personal testimonies, rife with a respectable humility and an overwhelming concern for others, remind us of the greatness in all who serve. See this small sample of the men and women who wear the nation’s greatest military honor.

Road to Recovery: Wounded Army Ranger’s Spirit Inspires All Who Hear His Tale

Jan 24, 2014: Sgt. Josh Hargis’ story went viral last October when the critically wounded Army Ranger unexpectedly delivered a salute from his hospital bed where onlookers believed him to be unconscious. In this update, we find the inspirational veteran already out of bed and focused on his rehabilitation -- and his expecting wife.

Former Marine Battles Back Against PTSD

Jan 18, 2014: When our troops leave the battlefield, a longer and often more difficult conflict begins: coping with the consequences of their service. Eddie lost three of his fellow Marines in a single explosion, a haunting memory that would eventually poison his professional life and his personal relationships. This video details his long struggle battling back against PTSD.

Deadly Dilemmas: New Film Depicts the Moral Landscape of Combat

Jan 10, 2014: While the specific details of the encounter can be debated, one unimpeachable fact remains: war invites moral ambiguity and demands difficult decisions about about complex circumstances, frequently under great duress. In his column, Dan Doyle reflects on the nature of these dilemmas as depicted by the tragic tale recounted in the film Lone Survivor.

Demolition Derby Delights Military Wife with Homecoming Surprise

Jan 8, 2014: When a military spouse is invited to ride shotgun in a demolition derby car with a professional driver, she embraces the opportunity. Through a bit of post-deployment treachery and some swapped helmets, the real surprise comes after the ride...

Two Nations Mourn Loss of Famed WWII Pilot

Jan 7, 2014: An aerial dogfight that commenced 30,000 feet and thirty minutes prior dropped to the streets of Paris and culminated at the feet of the Eiffel Tower where Bill Overstreet cemented his legacy during the waning months of World War II. Bill’s inspirational maneuver embodies the best of the Allied powers — that characteristic persistence and perseverance in the face of great personal risk — and his heroic tale continues to inspire young pilots today.

The Magic Behind Marine One: Flying the World’s Most Powerful Passenger

Jan 6, 2014: More than 700 Marines and 30 helicopters make up the famed HMX-1 “Nighthawks” squadron. The Vice President, foreign dignitaries, and even the Pope are among its privileged passengers. But only one person truly makes it Marine One: the president of the United States of America. Catch a rare glimpse behind the scenes of one of the world’s most exclusive helicopter squadrons.

Long-Forgotten Group of Women Aviators to Be Honored at Rose Parade

Dec 31, 2013: Nearly seven decades ago, the U.S. government quietly disbanded the group of women aviators who dutifully served during World War II. A new float in the high-profile Rose Parade will honor this forgotten group, reminding the nation of their courage and contributions.

Secret Santa's Homecoming Surprise

Dec 26, 2013: Santa’s sleigh made an extra special stop this year, when a soldier deployed to Afghanistan surprised his mother on Christmas day. See the heartwarming reunion.

Missing Soldier’s Remains Finally Returned to His Waiting Widow after 63 Years

Dec 23, 2013: More than six decades ago, Joseph Gantt left home to serve his country at war for a second time, leaving behind his devoted wife, Clara. After he went missing in a POW camp, Clara patiently waited for him to come home. Now, that wait is over.

Captain Kirk Takes to the High Seas in New High-Tech Stealth Ship

Dec 20, 2013: Equipped with the latest technology and most advanced designs, the USS Zumwalt represents the future for the U.S. Navy — which is why no one missed the coincidence behind the Zumwalt—s first commander, Captain James Kirk. (No, really.)

Social Media Brings Together Veterans for WWII Medal of Honor Recipient’s Final Moments

Dec 16, 2013: Awarded the Medal of Honor for his valiant actions during the Battle of the Bulge over sixty-five years ago, Nicholas Oresko survived the ordeal to live a long and productive life. With no living family, his final days promised to be lonely ones — until his story attracted other veterans and active-duty military who held vigil by his bedside until he passed peacefully.

Captain Mama Puts Military Moms Front and Center

Dec 15, 2013: From a bedtime chat to a full-fledged children’s book, Goodnight Captain Mama depicts a little boy in pajamas who spots his mother in her Air Force flight suit. Questions inevitably follow from the inquisitive lad, and the subsequent answers explore what it means to be both a parent and a veteran.

From Olympic Runner to WWII Prisoner: Louis Zamperini’s Story Astounds

Dec 12, 2013: The book tells a harrowing tale of one man’s struggle against insurmountable odds. From ravenous sharks to brutal captivity, you won’t find Louis Zamperini’s story in the fiction section of the book store. Indeed, every bit of his tale is true and told as never before in Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.

One Reason to Smile: Dentist Volunteers for Veterans Baffled by Bureaucracy

Dec 11, 2013: Medical benefits for veterans are a perennial, hot-button issue as politicians struggle to balance budgets and bureaucracies drown in paperwork from veterans seeking their rightfully earned benefits. One dentist, fed up with the stalling, is single-handedly making a difference, offering free dental care for veterans and their spouses.
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