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Results — How You're Helping

Your clicks count! The tables below show results from your clicks — along with those of other visitors — on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button.

Tell others to increase the impact we're able to make together. Thank you for taking action to support our veterans!

Results : Daily and Monthly

The Veterans Site launched March 1, 2011.

DateClicks# of meals
Oct. 0349,254197.0
Oct. 0259,578238.3
Oct. 0161,554246.2

DateClicks# of meals
Sep. 20151,789,5207,158.1
Aug. 20151,901,9037,607.6
July 20151,906,7697,627.1
June 20151,889,0917,556.4
May 20151,985,3507,941.4
Apr. 20151,993,5357,974.1
Mar. 20152,070,3418,281.4
Feb. 20151,941,3667,765.5
Jan. 20152,098,1258,392.5

Results : Yearly

The Veterans Site launched March 1, 2011 -- help us make its first year strong.

DateClicks# of meals

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