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Remembering the Vietnam War


2015 marks the 50th anniversary of when regular United States combat units were deployed to Vietnam. To commemorate that, these Vietnam vets have fun with a particular song from the era.

A Cadence for Chuck Norris


In the video, you'll see (and hear) an informal march that oozes creativity, as this cadence honors the one and only bearded ninja: Chuck Norris. You won't forget this.

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The Veterans Site Blog

PledgeAllegiance2The Last Person Chris Expected to See Just Revealed Himself…

As described by his father, Chris Bratic is a goofball. He likes to have fun and joke around. Which makes his reaction to his father's homecoming surprise that much more meaningful.

ChrisKyle1Despite Being Known As the Most Lethal Sniper in American History, Chris Kyle Remained Humble, and Determined

As you'll see in this 2012 interview with Time, Chris Kyle, despite being fully aware of his capabilities, remained humble. After returning from Iraq, he was determined to be a loving father and husband. He was determined to help his fellow service members coming home after combat. One of the ways he did this was authoring his autobiography, American Sniper, and sharing it with the world.

DearKittenSuperbowl1Cat Explains The Weird Things Humans Do During The Superbowl, And It’s Hilarious!

In the latest hilarious installment of 'Dear Kitten', Cat explains the weird rituals humans have during "The Big Game". He tries to warn kitten about the random intervals where everyone shouts, the significance of the costumes they wear, and the weird game they play with their snack food.

SkypeSurpriseEllen1All Little Jack Wants to Do Is Hug His Deployed Father! Ellen Put Together A Precious Skype Surprise For This Family!

Clearly, it was a request Ellen could not refuse. She brought Vania on the show and surprised her with an unexpected Skype call with Rob. But when Rob and Vania's children are brought onto the set, well, it's almost too precious to behold.

BlueAngels1Never In a Million Years Could I Pull This Off — The Blue Angels Have Some Serious Skill

What you'll find in this video are nineteen beautifully exhilarating seconds smack dab in the middle of the Blue Angel's coveted diamond formation. The only thing left to be said is: are you strapped in?

Job Training for Homeless Veterans
Vocational training can help veterans acquire skills in growing job areas such as in HVAC renovation, wind technology, green automotive technology, smart meter installation, or solar installation. Other programs help veterans get the training necessary to become licensed commercial truck drivers, vocational nurses, or to qualify for other licensed professions.

You can make a difference by supporting programs that help veterans return to leading a normal life.

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