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"This Is Wholesome"

Video: Wholesome Video

In this video, Honeymaid honors the military family in their newest documentary for their "This is Wholesome" series…

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The Veterans Site Blog

Congressional roundtable discussion on the VA claims backlog.In Miraculous Move, Senators Reach Compromise to Fix VA – Now Can It Pass the House?

After the typical political theatrics, the Veterans Affairs Committee announced a bipartisan agreement to start fixing the VA and helping the veterans relying on the troubled department. As with any compromise, however, not all parties are pleased with the resulting bill, and it now faces hurdles in the House of Representatives. But does it cover the most important facet – protecting our veterans from further neglect?

VeteranAGT1This Veteran Wows Us AGAIN With His Amazing Voice! You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Paul Leti brought the crowd (and judges) to their feet in his first audition on America's Got Talent. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. This time, he comes back for the Judgement Week rounds, and impresses the judges yet again!

WeightLoss2This Is The Most Inspiring Weight Loss Story I’ve Ever Seen!

After doctors told him he would never walk again, Arthur started gaining weight. Determined to change his lifestyle, Arthur started doing workouts and stayed motivated no matter how many times he fell. His story is one of true strength and determination, and it will make you smile!

PrayForPeace1Reba McEntire is Calling You to Action: “Pray for Peace”

In the midst of conflicts around the world, many of which result from underlying religious motives, country music superstar Reba McEntire asks us to pray for something greater than victory. Her new hit song, "Pray for Peace," calls on humanity to surpass our seemingly insurmountable self-constructed religious barriers, and to reach for a greater wisdom, fellowship, and love for one another -- no matter the background or creed.

Col. Ralph Jenkins meets his Tallahassee Lassie once again.WWII Pilot Reunited with Long-Lost Love (And His Wife’s Okay with It)

Nearly seven decades ago, Colonel Ralph Jenkins said goodbye to his faithful lady -- the P-47 Thunderbolt that safely returned him to earth over the course of 129 missions. Now, the 95-year-old veteran gets to meet the Tallahassee Lassie at a local airshow. See this unusual reunion.

Help Veterans Provide Disaster Response
Rather than focusing on vocational training that attempts to teach new job skills, Team Rubicon repurposes veterans' existing skills — emergency medicine, risk assessment and mitigation, teamwork and decisive leadership — to solve another need: more effective disaster response.

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