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Robin Williams and Our Troops

Robin Williams USO

Throughout his life, Robin Williams gave our troops his full support, performing for over 89,500 service members. Click to see how much of a USO regular he was!

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The Veterans Site Blog

RestaurantSurprise1What a Tender Moment! Soldier Gives His Mother the Surprise of Her Life at This Restaurant

This soldier couldn't help himself from giving his mother the surprise of her life. Her reaction is priceless!

911MemorialTribute1OMG! So Much Work Went Into Building the 9/11 Memorial and Museum!

To commemorate the hardworking men and women who brought the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum to life.

CoastGuardTurtle1OMG! I’m So Glad the Coast Guard was Able to Set This Sea Turtle Free

Thirty miles off of the South Jersey shore, an 800 pound leatherback turtle became tangled in fishing line. After receiving the call, crew members from Coast Guard Station Cape May responded to the emergency.

CottonsVigil1OMG. This Deaf White Pit Bull Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart!

Cotton is a deaf white service dog who is full of love for his family.  While his beloved human drilled with the Oregon National Guard,  Cotton waited patiently at the door for days to welcome him home.  This beautiful, loyal pit bull illustrates everything that is treasured about the relationship between man and dog.  Watch...

puppytoadult3This German Shepherd Owner Took One Photo Of His Dog Per Day For One Year And This Is The Result. Amazing!

Happy National Dog Day! They grow up too fast, as this owner found out when he took one picture a day of his dog's first year of life. In just 40 seconds, we see him transform from an adorable 8 week old puppy to a handsome 1 year old young man!

Meals for Homeless Vets
Two-thirds of America's homeless veterans served for at least three years, and one-third were stationed in a war zone. They have served in all the conflicts of recent years, including Afghanistan and Iraq (OEF/OIF). Despite their sacrifices, they return home to a new struggle against poverty and hunger.

Do your part to help these struggling veterans!

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