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That Ain't No Baseball Player!

Fort Wayne Surprise

Disguised as a baseball player, Sergeant Nick Conrad gives his family the surprise of a lifetime! Click to see their tender reaction!

Ricochet’s warm embrace helps heal the psychological trauma of war.

Paying It Forward

Service dogs have proven to be a valuable resource for veterans coping with the physical and psychological trauma of their service.

But Ricochet’s unique brand of therapy includes surfing with her patients, letting them experience the healing power of companionship and the ocean.

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Get 'Em While They Last!

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The Veterans Site Blog

ToddlerBreaksRules1This Toddler Ignores Military Protocol, But The Reason Why Is Too Sweet!

While the members of the National Guard's 114th Transportation Company were waiting to be dismissed, Cooper spotted his mom in the line of servicemen and women and decided he had waited long enough! He took matters into his own hands and shocked the crowd.

babyhusky1These Two Best Friends Can Communicate Without Words. See Their Precious Conversation!

This is just too precious. You'd think this little tyke might be a bit nervous around his family's full grown husky, but these two clearly have a special bond. See their spirited interaction!

AdkinsMedalHonor1Well Deserved – Fifty Years Later, This Vietnam Veteran Has Been Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

You’re at camp, deep in the jungle. It’s raining. The enemy is closing in around you. The nearest reinforcements are more than 25 miles away. You and your fellow soldiers are low on ammunition. You’re wounded. What do you do?

WWIIVetBday1Tea with Einstein; Coffee with Oppenheimer; His Service in WWII: This Veteran Looks Back On His Life As He Turns 105

On August 10th, 2014, Carroll Dick celebrated his 105th birthday with friends and family, as well as with dozens of people he’d never met before. They came to pay respect, these strangers, to a man who continues to add to his beautiful life.

NatoinalAnthemList3By the Dawn’s Early Light: 8 Versions of the Star Spangled Banner That Will Give You Chills

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of our national anthem, we’ve compiled a list of eight videos we think you’ll enjoy. So, come on, take a walk down memory lane with us and watch some of our most renowned musicians belting out the lyrics we all know.

Send Comfort To Our Troops
Far from home, little comforts carry a big impact. Care packages help deliver food and toiletries that aren't always available overseas. They send a message that we still support our troops.

You can help send comfort to our troops.

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