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Wait, It's Almost Christmas!?

Merry Christmas

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The Veterans Site Blog

HeyBrotherTribute2From Here On Out, I’ll Only Think of the Troops When I Hear This Song

In all branches of the military, the terms brother and sister aren't tossed around lightly. No, they carry much more meaning. Brothers and sisters aren't only those that you fight for, but those that fight alongside you. And maybe that's why this tribute and, in particular this song (Hey Brother by Avicii) really hits home.

JumpOnIt2I Love Watching Our Service Members Having Fun. This Dance Routine Is Great!

I love watching the members of our military having fun on their down time. These guys are having a blast performing the dance to the Sugar Hill Gang's hit song Jump on It and it is too funny.

JohnnyCashFlag3Johnny Cash Is, “…Mighty Proud Of That Ragged Old Flag”

In this video, music legend Johnny Cash tells us a story we're not likely to forget -- he tells OUR story, detailing the difficult yet beautiful journey of the American flag.

AmericanChristmasLights1I Don’t Know If I’ve Ever Seen, or Heard, Anything More Patriotic — Hands Down the Best Christmas Lights Display You’ll Find

Not only is the Christmas lights display you're about to see intricate and attractive, it also carries with it meaning. The display is a tribute to our fallen soldiers, pulsing to a unique remix of Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American". Prepare to be both amazed, and grateful for our freedoms.

ArmyCadenceCalming3This Catchy Little Cadence Is Sure to Take You Back In Time!

You just arrived for basic training. Your drill instructor is screaming at you. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Within moments, you hate that voice. Fast forward weeks, months later, even years later, and that voice just may be what you think about before you go to sleep. Or it's that voice that continues to motivate you. And dang it, you're just never going to forget that voice. You don't hate it. You actually kind of miss it.

Help Veterans Provide Disaster Reponse
Rather than focusing on vocational training that attempts to teach new job skills, Team Rubicon repurposes veterans' existing skills — emergency medicine, risk assessment and mitigation, teamwork and decisive leadership — to solve another need: more effective disaster response.

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