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Your Service Member Has PTSD

PTSD Suggestions List

Up to 20% of service members returning to the United States from combat will experience symptoms of PTSD. 100% return to someone they love. How can you help them through?

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Aircraft Carrier Landing

We knew our military is more than capable of designing, and using, advanced equipment. But we weren't expecting to see something this awesome. Click to see this F-18 land on its carrier!

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Notes from a Veteran

Medal of Honor Recipients Sit Down for Intimate Interview

The Medal of Honor citations read like fiction: harrowing accounts of heroism at great personal risk. Yet their personal testimonies, rife ...

Road to Recovery: Wounded Army Ranger’s Spirit Inspires All Who Hear His Tale

Sgt. Josh Hargis’ story went viral last October when the critically wounded Army Ranger unexpectedly delivered a salute from his hospital ...

Former Marine Battles Back Against PTSD

When our troops leave the battlefield, a longer and often more difficult conflict begins: coping with the consequences of their service. ...

Captured U.S. Soldier Appears in First Video in Nearly Three Years

The reported release of a new video depicting U.S. POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl reminds us all of the daily plight the Bergdahl family continues ...

Deadly Dilemmas: New Film Depicts the Moral Landscape of Combat

While the specific details of the encounter can be debated, one unimpeachable fact remains: war invites moral ambiguity and demands difficult ...

Save Lives From the Inside
Some men and women returning from service struggle with mental health issues so severe they act out and end up in prison. These prisoners want to be able to contribute to their community in spite of being imprisoned. The TAILS program (Teaching Animals and Inmates), which pairs together inmates and hard-to-adopt dogs, is a program that allows them to do so.

You can help.

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