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Unity Through Music

New Direction Choir

A choir comprised of formerly homeless veterans took the stage during the TV talent show 'America's Got Talent' and stunned the crowd. Click to watch their emotional performance!

Provide Meals for Homeless Veterans

Over the course of one year, 136,334 veterans spent at least one night in a shelter or transitional housing program, more than 5,000 of them alongside their families.

What statistics don't reveal, however, is how Americans are helping their veterans through charitable donations.

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The Veterans Site Blog

FatheadCommercial2This is the Best Commercial I’ve Seen in a Long Time!

You're deployed, and you know that your young child wants to see you on a daily basis. What do you do?

FresnoFire1Oh My Goodness… An Act of Heroism at 1:30 Prevents This Fire From Being Utterly Devastating

A horrific house-fire broke out in Fresno, California recently. As you'll see in the video below, not only does the fire intensify within minutes, but there seems to be one man still unaccounted for after the evacuation. The clock is ticking, until one act of heroism prevents the fire from being utterly devastating.

U.S. Marines arrive in Liberia where mask-clad health workers greet them with thermometers.U.S. Military Confronts Latest Global Threat: Ebola

Threats to peace and stability don’t always come from the barrel of a gun. As the Ebola virus continues to spread unabated, the U.S. military has leapt into action, deploying its first forces to the beleaguered nations of west Africa. These first waves of our troops once again demonstrate our military’s unique ability to adapt to any circumstances and rise to any challenge.

SniperShot1Thank Goodness They’re Okay…Way Too Close of a Call

Captured on a helmet cam, these three United States Marines were part of a helicopter raid in the Helmland Province in Afghanistan. As they advance through a building, they’re met with something they clearly did not expect.

JasonAndCici3What A Memorable Reunion Between Dog And Owner! Their Bond Is Inspiring.

Jason Bos and Cici have been all over the world together detecting bombs and saving countless lives. After Bos completed his tour of duty last year, he and Cici were separated because she was still needed overseas. Luckily, once the military retired Cici, Bos was able to jump through the necessary hoops in order to adopt Cici as his forever companion. Finally together again, Bos and Cici share a special bond that will never again be separated!

Help Veterans Provide Disaster Response
Rather than focusing on vocational training that attempts to teach new job skills, Team Rubicon repurposes veterans' existing skills — emergency medicine, risk assessment and mitigation, teamwork and decisive leadership — to solve another need: more effective disaster response.

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