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I Just Want to Give Him a Hug


With the help of some astonishing animation, Lance Corporal Travis Williams tells the story of his survival, and the mixed feelings that came afterward. Click to watch the video.

Celebs Overseas, Pt. I


Did you know that Paul Newman served in the Battle of Okinawa? Neither did we! And there are plenty more celebrities that served overseas. Enough for two lists! Two!

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The Veterans Site Blog

TherapyMethods1HELP: 5 Different Methods To Better Manage Combat PTSD

Therapy doesn't have to involve a couch.

michelle2This Grieving Mom In About To Get A HUGE Surprise, And Her Reaction Is Unforgettable!

A local radio station stepped in to support this grieving mother in a huge way. Her reaction is unforgettable!

VeteransVision2Los Angeles Photographer Devin Mitchell Wants You to See Both Sides of the Mirror

Photographer Devin Mitchell understands that there are more to our veterans than the uniform.

Homelessness-innovation1This is What Really Fighting Homelessness Looks Like

This list features some of our favorite unique initiatives that are helping people overcome homelessness and get them into stable living arrangements.

taekwondoThis Toddler’s Taekwondo Creed Recital Is Beyond Adorable!

3-year-old Sophie Wong is a little spitfire! Hear her rock her martial arts student creed at bust out some sweet moves!

Saving Lives From the Inside
Some men and women returning from service struggle with mental health issues so severe that they act out and end up in prison. Hard to adopt shelter dogs are in a prison of their own with little hope of being adopted without the necessary training and socialization.

You can help save the lives of veterans and dogs.

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