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Army Pics With Funny Captions

These 30 U.S. Army photos are hilarious when new, comical captions are added to them! Which makes you laugh most?

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End Veteran Suicides

Suicide is now the leading cause of death for military personnel, even above combat.

Troops need a "reverse bootcamp" to help them transition to civilian life.

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Job Training for Homeless Veterans

You can make a difference by supporting programs that help veterans return to leading a normal life. Occupational therapy helps keep injuries such as the loss of a limb from preventing meaningful employment. Vocational training teaches new job skills and helps veterans apply skills they learned in the military to civilian life. While in transitional housing provided by these programs, formerly homeless veterans can receive further help with job preparedness, dressing for success, resume writing, interview skills, job search skills, and budgeting for life outside transitional housing. If veterans suffer from physical disabilities, these programs also provide further occupational therapy to help veterans achieve full rehabilitation and community reintegration.

Help homeless veterans get their lives back on track!

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