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Shepherd’s Shocking Surprise

Video: German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Returns to Find His Soldier Home from Deployment

After long deployments, returning troops will often plan an elaborate surprise for friends and family. That’s the case for one fortunate pup who (quite clearly) missed his soldier…

Help House Homeless Vets

Often, all that stands between a homeless vet and a home of their own is the deposit. The Veterans Matter program has teamed up with HUD and the VA to help cover this cost. Your donation can help move a veteran off the street and into permanent housing.

They Fought for Our Home, Let’s Fight for Theirs »

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The Veterans Site Blog

An Army Ranger stealthily stalks across the horizon in the fading light.Top Leaders Debate Imminent Cuts to Military Ranks

As pending budget cuts promise to reduce the U.S. military to its smallest size in decades, the debate continue to grow around the central question: how small is too small? With obligations across the globe as well as here at home, can a reduced military still be an effective peacekeeping force in the world?

Not Your Typical Airport ReunionNot Your Typical Airport Reunion

Thinking a reunion with his dog in the airport would never happen to him, imagine his excitement when this U.S. Airman came around the corner and there waiting for him was is precious dog! Her enthusiastic reaction to seeing her owner for the first time in months is enough to bring tears to your eyes. I thought her tail was going to fall off with the way it was wagging so hard!

Fellow Firefighters Mourn the Loss of Their Fallen ComradesIraq Vet Turned Firefighter Makes Ultimate Sacrifice Battling Boston Blaze

Fallen firefighter Michael Kennedy survived combat duty as a Marine in Iraq, yet upon his return to civilian life, he continued to confront danger on behalf of his community. Tragically, that service came to an end when Kennedy rushed into a burning building to help combat the blaze.

Wheel Of Fortune WinnerWheel Of Fortune Winner

One young student was surprised when she figured out the answer to her school's word puzzle. She read it out loud without thinking - but once the words sunk in, her reaction was priceless!

VET_MarkMayo-Memorial_400x210Act of Heroism Ends Tragic Day at Naval Station

Lost among the shock-and-awe of the 24-hour news cycle, many missed the heroic tale of one Sailor’s sacrifice in the face of danger. Friends and family recently gathered to remember the fallen hero, Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark A. Mayo, in a tearful memorial.

Send Comfort To Our Troops
Far from home, little comforts carry a big impact. Care packages help deliver food and toiletries that aren't always available overseas. They send a message that we still support our troops.

You can help comfort our troops.

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