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Star-Spangled Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Operation Homefront organized two mass baby showers recently, hosting 50 military moms and mothers-to-be at each location. Click to see what these brave women thought of the event!

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Since its creation in 1947, UNICEF has saved more children's lives than any humanitarian organization in the world.

Show your support for UNICEF by sending a letter to President Obama asking him to maintain the U.S. Government's annual contribution in 2016!

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The Veterans Site Blog

MensHealthGuy1This Double Amputee’s Story Is So Inspiring! Noah Is Amazing.

Noah Galloway is a double amputee veteran who has overcome counless obstacles in order to be who he is today. After returning injured from overseas, Noah fell into a depression and stopped taking care of himself the way he should. He made some drastic changes in his lifestyle and habits, and drastically improved his well-being. The popular magazine Men's Health recognized his determination and gave him the title of the 2014 Ultimate Men's Health Guy!

FurryPatriots1Who Says That Pets Can’t Dress Up For Halloween!? Check Out This List of Furry Patriots!

Halloween is the one and only holiday that we celebrate by dressing in costume. Some go for the comical route, dressing like their favorite sitcom character. Others go for scary--a mask, a black robe, a sickle. Some even dress like their heroes. And who's to deny that right to our pets!? In the photos below, and on the pages that follow, you'll find a variety of pets that simply want to show their patriotism. USA, they say, USA, USA, USA!

VET_OttawaWarMemorial_1200x627One Man’s Heroism Ends Tragic Day, Saves Countless Lives

Canadian soldiers have sacrificed and served alongside coalition forces in Afghanistan with our own troops and have done so with great distinction and honor. All of us who have served and who are presently serving, experience this loss as a loss of one of our own brothers. We honor Cpl. Nathan Cirillo with our thanks for his service to his country and with our promise to never forget.

HongKongDemocracy1Way Above the City…What Is This Man About to Do?

During a recent interview, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Leung Chin-ying declared that free elections would be impossible in Hong Kong. To support his claim, Leung went on to say that free elections would be impossible because democracy would lead to poor people dominating the elections, rather than the business elite, who are in control of the majority of Hong Kong’s economy. How have the people reacted?

GodBlessAmerica3This Marine Stuns the Crowd With His Beautiful Rendition of “God Bless America”

The seventh-inning stretch of baseball games is, well, pretty much like it sounds: typically, you stand up, you stretch, you get something else to eat, etc. But what if, instead of the usual, you get something like what you'll see in this video? How awesome would that be?

Save Lives From the Inside
Some men and women returning from service struggle with mental health issues so severe they act out and end up in prison. These prisoners want to be able to contribute to their community in spite of being imprisoned. The TAILS program (Teaching Animals and Inmates), which pairs together inmates and hard-to-adopt dogs, is a program that allows them to do so.

You can help.

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