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Act Of Kindness Inspires Soldier

Video: Act of kindness inspires soldier

When a young boy found money in a parking lot, he was excited about his newfound fortune. However, this caring young boy changed his mind immediately when he spotted a man in uniform…

6 Amazing U.S. Military Dogs

Six Famous Military Dogs

Man's best friend is a dog, and that applies to both civilian life and combat! Do you know these famous military working dogs?
Read their amazing stories here!

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Flood. Earthquake. Fire. When disaster strikes, the best responders are the ones with training and experience in effective response under stress. Who does that describe?

Military veterans have already honed the skills that can be vital in any emergency situation: field medicine, risk assessment and mitigation, teamwork, and decisive leadership. Team Rubicon brings their expertise to bear in the aftermath of a crisis, helping entire communities survive and recover.

Imagine being faced with disaster. Now imagine having Team Rubicon at your side. Support this vital American project today.

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