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Marlena, Your Spirit Amazes Me


Marlena Vanhoose should be a household name. The Kentucky native has faced great adversity since birth, in the forms of cytomegalovirus and blindness. But, boy, has she persevered...

Oh, That Sly Mr. Fallon


Jimmy Fallon has one heck of a story for you that only he can tell. You see, his father-in-law was once a marine and, well, he ejected from a plane once and... Oh, Jimmy tells this so much better!

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Help Veterans Provide Disaster Response

Rather than focusing on vocational training that attempts to teach new job skills, Team Rubicon repurposes veterans' existing skills—emergency medicine, risk assessment and mitigation, teamwork and decisive leadership—to solve another need: more effective disaster response.

You can help veterans find the jobs they'd be perfect at.

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