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Sweet Wedding Surprise

Video: Wedding Surprise

A surprise guest shows up at a wedding and shocks the bride! See who the mystery guest is for yourself…

Best Dance Moves Ever!

Video: Troops Music Video

You haven't seen a music video until you've seen this. Click below to watch our troops boogie down!

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The Veterans Site Blog

Unexpected Homecoming ReactionThis Little Boy Doesn’t Need Words to Express How Much He Missed His Deployed Dad

Military families endure many hardships, perhaps none more difficult than the absence caused by frequent and lengthy deployments. Children often lack the vocabulary to fully express the inner turmoil during these turbulent periods. When he finds out his father will be home any minute, this little boy’s reaction sums it all up.

Box1One Woman Was Pulled On The Field To Play A Game And Never Expected What Happened Next. I Love This!

Surprises unfolded as Amber Peete was chosen to play the audience participation game called "What's In The Box?" She was given the choice of an envelope, a small box, or a big box, and she (smartly) chose the big box. But what was in the big box? Was it a car? A bike? An animal? What was in it?!

CumberlandAmericans3OMG This Coach Brought Tears To My Eyes. Heads Up High, Cumberland American!

The kids who make it to the Little League World Series are amazing athletes, and likely destined for great things on or off the field. But responding to a heartbreaking loss is so difficult for these talented athletes...

HomeforHeroes2USMC Staff Sergeant Rafael Arias Hernandez: A Hero Deserving of a New Home

Building Homes for Heroes is committed to helping our wounded veterans rebuild their civilian lives upon their return from duty. They do this by building, or modifying, homes that they then gift to the veterans and their families. USMC Staff Sergeant Rafael Arias Hernandez is one of several recipients of the efforts that make this vision a reality.

RobinWilliamsTroops1His Unwavering Support: Robin Williams and His Time with Our Troops

The late Robin Williams not only was a fine actor and comedian, but an unwavering supporter of each and every branch of the U.S. Military. In fact, he performed for more than 89,400 service members throughout his life, including stops in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq, among several others.

Meals for Homeless Vets
Two-thirds of America's homeless veterans served for at least three years, and one-third were stationed in a war zone. They have served in all the conflicts of recent years, including Afghanistan and Iraq (OEF/OIF). Despite their sacrifices, they return home to a new struggle against poverty and hunger.

Do your part to help these struggling veterans!

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