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Canine Companion Comforts Vet

Veteran and dog battle PTSD together

Chris suffered from PTSD after returning from duty, but thanks to a non-profit company he now has a companion to help him handle his anxiety and stress…

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The Veterans Site Blog

Medal Of Honor Recipient Finds A Place To Call HomeMedal Of Honor Recipient Finds A Place To Call Home

SFC Leroy Petry was honored for his courageous service overseas not only with a Medal of Honor, but also with a house to share with his family. After 8 deployments and a few serious injuries during his tours, SFC Petry and his family were given the deed to a new house, courtesy of private donors and the people of Lakewood, Washington. What better way to thank a veteran for his service than with a place to finally call home!

Chesney The Canine CompanionChesney The Canine Companion

Adding a dog to your family can improve your life in more ways than one. For some returning veterans, a dog not only acts as a furry family member, but also as a life-changing assistant who improves their emotional and physical well-being. Assistance dogs provide stability to veterans, which allows them to function normally and without fear or anxiety in society. Listen as one veteran shares his journey of recovery, and what lead him to eventually seek out the companionship of a canine helper named Chesney. Hear their story below.

Major ButchRoad to Recovery: The Pathway Home Helping Vets Find Their Footing

From “Soldier’s Heart” to “Battle Fatigue,” post-traumatic stress disorder has long plagued our returning veterans. Now, an unorthodox residential program, including everything from therapy dogs to swimming with dolphins, is exploring new methods of treatment and paving the path for similar programs nationwide. And the results speak for themselves.

Wife Gets Surprise DeliverySurprise Delivery For Shocked Wife

When this young wife got a delivery of some of her husbands belongings, she figured it was just "some of his old stuff," but once she dug deeper she got a surprise that was much better than old t-shirts and books!

An Army Ranger stealthily stalks across the horizon in the fading light.Top Leaders Debate Imminent Cuts to Military Ranks

As pending budget cuts promise to reduce the U.S. military to its smallest size in decades, the debate continue to grow around the central question: how small is too small? With obligations across the globe as well as here at home, can a reduced military still be an effective peacekeeping force in the world?

Support Veterans Doing Amazing Work
After a national disaster, people rally to donate money, food, and supplies to help victims. But organizations don't always have the volunteers or expertise to put these resources into action. Military veterans are uniquely suited to respond.

Help train veterans to use their skills to help victims of crisis.

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