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Nearly two years after the overthrow of Qaddafi, land mines continue to claim lives and limbs in Libya, where hundreds of thousands of the weapons remain. Like the United States, Libya is one of the few non-signatories of the Mine Ban Treaty, and during the short conflict, pro-Qaddafi forces placed tens of thousands of mines. Another 100,000 disappeared from stockpiles in 2011 and remain unaccounted for, posing an additional risk to civilians. Sign in support of the ban below!
Goal: 15,000 Progress: 9,125
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For over twenty years, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) has pursued a mine-free world. Despite their tremendous efforts, however, landmines continue to threaten individuals and communities, claiming over 4,000 victims in 2011 alone. The majority of these casualties are non-combatants, including hundreds of children.

The humanitarian costs are even greater. Landmines are frequently found near roads, in farmers' fields, and around schools, rendering these areas inaccessible and slowing development, especially in post-conflict regions.

The Mine Ban Treaty, the ICBL's signature success, counts 160 countries as party to its terms. The United States is not one of them, keeping company with other hold-outs such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.

Let's tell the President to send a new message by finally signing the treaty and banning this archaic and indiscriminate weapon system.

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Dear President Obama:

Despite twenty years of advocacy and aid, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) continues to face a daunting task, particularly as rogue regimes and non-state actors propagate the use of landmines into the twenty-first century. Now is the time to send a clear message to the international community: the United States supports the Mine Ban Treaty.

According to the Landmine Monitor 2012, observers confirmed over 4,000 casualties of explosive remnants of war (ERW) in at least 60 states and areas across the globe. Because of unreliable reporting the actual figure is expected to be "significantly higher". Civilians are disproportionately affected, representing three-quarters of casualties, with children making up nearly half of all civilian casualties. Of course, the humanitarian toll is more difficult to measure but no less devastating, as even the suspected presence of a minefield can be enough to stall development and reconstruction efforts, especially in post-conflict regions of the world.

The U.S. deserves some credit for its own efforts to reduce the proliferation of these destructive weapons, including:

  • the halted production of antipersonnel mines
  • the elimination of "persistent" landmines from active inventory
  • the ongoing moratorium on the export of antipersonnel mines

Given the path of U.S. landmine policy, it only makes sense to join the ban and lend the long-overdue weight of U.S. support to this worthy cause.

These archaic and indiscriminate weapon systems have no place on today's battlefield, replaced by more modern and sophisticated equipment that is safer not only for civilians but also the soldiers who handle them. Lt. General Robert G. Gard Jr. (USA, Ret.) described antipersonnel land mines as "a net liability" to U.S. interests and argued that acceding to the treaty "would be a low-cost, meaningful gesture of diplomatic goodwill with both humanitarian and practical benefits."

It is difficult to argue with this logic. President Obama, it is time for the United States to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty and join the international consensus in both word and deed.

Petition Signatures

Jul 15, 2018 Edward Flounoy Jr
Jul 4, 2018 Glen Anderson Join the civilized world. VIGOROUSLY SUPPORT the treaty banning land mines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 25, 2018 Jeffrey Bains
Jun 11, 2018 Leah Helmer
Jun 7, 2018 America IsDead Let's make this very clear.. If you want this banned I want the injustice of other races, gender, age and nationality banned
Jun 4, 2018 Madeleine Norris
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 22, 2018 Lynn Ronconi
May 22, 2018 Lisa Hammermeister
May 16, 2018 suzanne caruso
May 15, 2018 Miriam Feehily
May 9, 2018 Tara Schuneman
Apr 28, 2018 Kaley Bill
Apr 22, 2018 Oscar Landé
Apr 11, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 6, 2018 thomas friedman
Mar 24, 2018 Richard Rheder
Feb 24, 2018 Gail Roberts
Feb 1, 2018 Sieglinda Preez
Jan 20, 2018 Myrna Alvarado
Jan 19, 2018 Darlene Roepke
Jan 19, 2018 Amy McKeon
Jan 2, 2018 Jodi Ford
Dec 7, 2017 Ken Stein
Nov 27, 2017 Kenneth Canty
Nov 16, 2017 OSVALDO TOMAS
Nov 12, 2017 DayLynn McDonald
Nov 10, 2017 Vianney Ventura
Oct 15, 2017 Deborah Moore
Oct 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Sep 15, 2017 barbara gale
Aug 2, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 1, 2017 Kathy & Judy Sutter
Jul 31, 2017 Stacy Wykle
Jul 31, 2017 Fern Swecker
Jul 7, 2017 Marcos Carrillo
Jul 4, 2017 Paola Moretti
Jul 2, 2017 Kari Dyrdahl
Jun 30, 2017 tammy bullock
Jun 15, 2017 KAREN WASSING
Jun 11, 2017 Amanda Barnes
Jun 9, 2017 James Deschene
Jun 1, 2017 Lea Faulks
May 29, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2017 Amy DeWitt
May 7, 2017 Maria Mendez Diaz
Apr 19, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Apr 10, 2017 tasha j
Apr 9, 2017 R Belkin
Mar 27, 2017 Diana Dee

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