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We all know about the NFL's pre-game salutes to our troops and veterans, but what you probably DIDN'T know was that they were being paid to do it with tax-payer money!

Recently, The Hill uncovered the heinous truth that 14 NFL teams have been accepting money from the Defense Department and the National Guard to put on displays of patriotism, events like their “Hometown Heroes” segments and jet flyovers. The Atlanta Falcons received the biggest allocation of funds, accepting over a million dollars in the past four years!

At no point have the NFL teams involved in these deals explicated that their troop tributes were sponsored. They've been taking credit for “supporting the troops” altruistically when it’'s really the troops that have been supporting them!

The icy sting is felt most when one learns that the money the NFL has been taking to honor the troops —something they should be doing for free as proud Americans— has been taxpayer money from the Defense Department and the National Guard!

Take action against the NFL by telling Commissioner Roger Goodell an apology needs to be made to their fans and to all Americans! The NFL should take the equivalent to funds that they've accepted and donate them to the VA to help soldiers and veterans.

Patriotism comes from pride, not from the bank!

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Dear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell,

I find it absolutely unacceptable that you have allowed NFL franchises to pull the wool over our eyes in regards to the NFL's “patriotism” and have remained silent on this issue.

According to a recent report by, The New York Jets received $377,000 from the Defense Department between 2011 and 2014. Other news sources (The Hill and The Florida Times Union) reported that your entire organization has received over $5.4 million in funds for in-game events sponsored by the military.

Understanding that the events were paid for by the Defense Department and the National Guard with taxpayer money is frustrating enough, but to find that these teams have not disclosed that the events were sponsored is wrong and deceitful towards their fans. For franchises to portray their patriotism as altruistic, generous, or as anything other than sponsored is a lie that requires an apology to their fans and to the troops.

Overall, the fact that your organization is even accepting money for these types of patriotic spectacles is wrong. The Defense Department should not have to pay you to show your support for America's military service members. You should be honoring the military because you have respect for our soldiers and veterans.

Americans are patriotic to show their gratitude towards the men and women who sacrifice themselves so that we may enjoy our personal freedoms. Americans should not be patriotic because they are paid to do so. As Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona has said, "[the NFL] realize the public believes they're doing it as a public service or a sense of patriotism. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth."

As suggested by The Florida Times Union, I think that you, as the commissioner of the NFL, should require each of the 14 NFL teams that have accepted these funds to withdraw the exact amount of money they've received and donate those funds to the VA and other organizations that support soldiers and veterans. This, in addition to a formal apology, is the only way that the NFL can make amends for disguising their deals with the Pentagon and misleading their fans.

Thank you.


Petition Signatures

Feb 26, 2017 Fernanda Coelho
Feb 25, 2017 Kelsey Brewer
Feb 25, 2017 Kim Randolph
Feb 24, 2017 Mary Barker
Feb 24, 2017 (Name not displayed) This is a disgusting insult to our military, especially considering how excessively overpaid athletes are. Please make amends by returning ALL funds received from our government (which is to say, the taxpayers) and make a prominent public apology.
Feb 23, 2017 Diane M McCoy
Feb 23, 2017 Charles Butler
Feb 23, 2017 Pam O'Hara
Feb 22, 2017 A Ward
Feb 21, 2017 Janice Zeigler
Feb 20, 2017 Charity Chambers
Feb 19, 2017 Dorothy Murphy
Feb 19, 2017 kelly wurzer
Feb 19, 2017 Susan Ellis
Feb 19, 2017 deborah harr If this is true, it is really upsetting. We as Americans should WANT TO honor our own without compensation. This should be made public if it is true. I pray it isn't.
Feb 17, 2017 michalla sutton
Feb 16, 2017 qumars shenasai
Feb 16, 2017 Dawn Nunn
Feb 16, 2017 (Name not displayed) Roger Goodell: after reading this story, I know now that you must be removed from your office. Using taxpayer money for this is wrong.
Feb 15, 2017 michelle melder
Feb 15, 2017 Jennifer Hart
Feb 15, 2017 Geraldine Rondeau
Feb 15, 2017 Virgil Pauls
Feb 15, 2017 Brenda Dumont
Feb 15, 2017 TONI King
Feb 14, 2017 Barbara Santoro
Feb 14, 2017 pamela kunz
Feb 14, 2017 Kim Dieter
Feb 13, 2017 Frances Onesti
Feb 13, 2017 Christopher Day
Feb 13, 2017 Carrie Fundarek
Feb 13, 2017 (Name not displayed) VETERANS who reads this call your Representatives and Senators passed a Veteran Law hired a least one at any Veteran Medical Center a Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist that knows how to put in G4implants instead of NFL.
Feb 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 13, 2017 Maria Angeles Leorza Arechavaleta
Feb 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 12, 2017 darrel craven This is a disgrace. The NFL is a disgrace and should be exposed!
Feb 12, 2017 Alice Jacobson
Feb 12, 2017 Linda Gilmore
Feb 12, 2017 Leslie Pfost
Feb 12, 2017 Tracy Bergstrand
Feb 12, 2017 sharon belson
Feb 12, 2017 Libby berman
Feb 12, 2017 Melissa Buckholtz
Feb 12, 2017 Michael Mosher Our VETERANS come first. PERIOD.
Feb 11, 2017 adair kelly I am totally offended by this. How dare you NFL you have money coming out your ears. The money should go to the vets fund to take care of injured vets.
Feb 11, 2017 Nola Chambers This is disgraceful, and just one more good reason to boycott the NFL!
Feb 11, 2017 Grace Garrigan
Feb 11, 2017 Jim Baals
Feb 11, 2017 DayLynn McDonald
Feb 11, 2017 Tyler Reid

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