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With the amount of sacrifice and dedication America's veterans commit to their country, one might think they receive exemplary treatment in all of their dealings when they come home. Yet, the instance of sexual abuse facing female veterans at VA facilities is on the rise. Hundreds of women have reported occurrences of sexual assault during visits at VA facilities. These allegations cover everything from forced medical examinations to rape.

Worse than anything, most of these incidents were never recorded or reported to the proper authorities. Currently, there are no policies by which the VA tackles alleged occurrences of sexual abuse, and this has allowed several hundreds of these cases to remain uninvestigated and unjustified.

Women should never have to face sexual abuse when when receiving care — especially those who have dutifully served their country. Tell the VA it needs to redesign its policies to support sexual abuse victims!

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Dear Mr. Secretary,

Unspeakable crimes committed at VA facilities remain unreported and unjustified — many female veterans who go into the VA for medical or other care have reported experiencing everything from forced medical examinations to rape. I am calling on you to see that these terrible crimes no longer have a place in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our veterans have given of themselves to their country in times of uncertainty, danger, and civil unrest. They shouldn't be met with the same circumstances when they return home. Female veterans should expect to receive the proper care they need from the VA without being frightened for their own well being.

Part of the problem is the VA doesn't have any formal system to track and prevent sexual abuse, so many cases continue to be unreported and mishandled. The VA also has a severe lack in security measures to keep patients safe.

Please do all that you can to investigate open cases and to implement stricter sexual assault measures so our female veterans can receive the care they need — without the treatment they don't.


Petition Signatures

Apr 22, 2018 Ms. Jocelyn Valdez-Loqui
Apr 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 18, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 18, 2018 Richard Bosboom
Apr 17, 2018 Karen m
Apr 14, 2018 Jessie Osborne
Apr 14, 2018 george lewis
Apr 14, 2018 vincent donadio
Apr 14, 2018 Kim Hanke
Apr 11, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 6, 2018 Margaret Randall
Apr 6, 2018 Richard Rheder
Mar 30, 2018 Bill Vann Keep our Female Veterans safe from sexual assault. Anything less is disrespectful and down right just wrong. PLEASE stand up for them, never allowing any opportunity for sexual to happen. NEVER! Thank you
Mar 24, 2018 Jodi Abel
Mar 24, 2018 Rose Ash
Mar 16, 2018 Deni Ann Gereighty
Mar 15, 2018 Sara Vilhena
Mar 13, 2018 Gillian Shults
Mar 13, 2018 DEB Padovano
Mar 13, 2018 David Hall
Mar 13, 2018 Wanda Anthony
Mar 13, 2018 Janet Magdaleno
Mar 13, 2018 DayLynn McDonald
Mar 13, 2018 Thomas Wolfe
Mar 13, 2018 Robert New
Mar 13, 2018 Amy Smardz
Mar 6, 2018 Sarah Williams
Mar 5, 2018 Jane Chischilly
Mar 5, 2018 Maryann Preston
Feb 27, 2018 Walter Johnson
Feb 26, 2018 Noelia Cisneros
Feb 25, 2018 Jeanine Smegal
Feb 24, 2018 Traci Ball
Feb 24, 2018 Kathryn Fenn
Feb 24, 2018 Susan Z
Feb 23, 2018 Donna Rondolone
Feb 9, 2018 Leslie Williams
Feb 9, 2018 Andrey Yushchenko
Feb 8, 2018 Jodi Carlin
Feb 8, 2018 Betty Kowall
Feb 8, 2018 Joan Autry Sexual abuse is illegal, and should be punished wherever it occurs!
Feb 8, 2018 Sandra Tucker
Feb 7, 2018 Ruth Rogers
Feb 4, 2018 miriam feehily
Feb 2, 2018 Annicka Chetty
Feb 1, 2018 Russell Jackson
Jan 28, 2018 Lora Treadway
Jan 26, 2018 Dorothy Henry
Jan 25, 2018 (Name not displayed)

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