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On November 24th, 2014, Chuck Hagel stepped down as the US Secretary of Defense. While we await the nomination and approval of his replacement, we must continue to support this important cause. Please continue to sign and share this petition. We'll be sure to address it to the new Secretary as soon as they are chosen.
Goal: 20,000 Progress: 8,662
Sponsored by: The Veterans Site

In an attempt to quell government spending, the Department of Defense is trying to raise health care coverage fees for military retirees. Though the urgency of the current economic climate requires cuts to spending, veterans' healthcare isn't wasteful and shouldn't be up for debate.

Senator Patty Murray, Chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, has denounced these fee increases, saying, "Affordable health care is an essential part of the promise we make to those who sign up to serve and one we have to keep in good times and in bad."

And Senator Murray is right. It's our obligation to care for those who have fought for our country. Veterans' healthcare simply isn't an area in which anyone can justify eliminating budget allocations.

Sign the petition to keep healthcare funding within the hands of those who need it — America's veterans!

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Dear Secretary:

Fee increases would mean many military retirees could be largely responsible for their own health care costs.

Those who have sacrificed their lives to defend our country deserve to be treated with the utmost of appreciation when they return. Forcing them to pay out of pocket for essential healthcare is unacceptable.

You must find other ways to reduce government spending. Taking away the care our veterans are entitled to is ridiculous.

I will continue to fight on behalf of our veterans until you provide them with the care they have earned.


Petition Signatures

Jan 17, 2018 Teresa Crosby
Jan 16, 2018 Heather Pelletier
Jan 14, 2018 Robert Ortiz
Jan 14, 2018 Vicky Palmerton
Jan 14, 2018 Kathy Carr
Jan 14, 2018 DANIEL MARTIN
Jan 6, 2018 Judith Mayhew
Jan 6, 2018 SUDIE SALLEE
Jan 6, 2018 Laura Harris
Jan 6, 2018 Kathryn Gallagher
Dec 29, 2017 marianne cresci
Dec 13, 2017 Sue Ellen Lupien
Dec 11, 2017 Jodi Ford
Dec 10, 2017 Kristin Womack
Dec 7, 2017 Kathy Smith
Dec 7, 2017 Raymond Bartlett
Dec 7, 2017 Cindy Stein
Dec 7, 2017 Ken Stein
Dec 7, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 4, 2017 john Fosa
Nov 27, 2017 Terri Robb
Nov 26, 2017 Amy Hile
Nov 21, 2017 John Dalla
Nov 19, 2017 CINDY COLLIER
Nov 19, 2017 Michael sadeh
Nov 15, 2017 Renee McKenzie
Nov 15, 2017 Sharon Tuten
Nov 13, 2017 Mariana Heymans
Nov 12, 2017 Heike Brown
Nov 10, 2017 Vianney Ventura
Nov 10, 2017 Louis Roberts
Nov 8, 2017 MIldred Huffmire
Nov 8, 2017 Karrie Vukelic
Oct 31, 2017 Annie Stewart
Oct 31, 2017 D. Randall Cruel, heartless, unnecessary and a total abomination!
Oct 30, 2017 Francis Robertson
Oct 30, 2017 Jeannie Dinning
Oct 30, 2017 Sofia Fernandez-Amaro
Oct 30, 2017 Donna Angle
Oct 30, 2017 m Levin
Oct 28, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 28, 2017 Cindy Wattenschaidt
Oct 25, 2017 Kimberly Wallace
Oct 15, 2017 Larry Skinner
Oct 15, 2017 Sandra Schomberg
Oct 15, 2017 Jeffrey Bains
Oct 15, 2017 robert dowling
Oct 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 11, 2017 (Name not displayed)

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