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Goal: 75,000 Progress: 69,540
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The Vietnam War is the longest-running war in American history. It claimed over 58,000 American soldiers.

As the years pass, we must continue to honor veterans and fallen soldiers who sacrificed everything for America in Vietnam.

We cannot forget about the 98,000 who were left disabled, the 5,000 who lost limbs, the 800 prisoners of war, or the 2,000 who, to this day, still have not been accounted for.

We must also pay tribute to the soldiers who returned and faced difficulties coming back into society. Many of them were met with disrespect, the American public having blamed them — not the government — for the war. Many sustained severe PTSD. Some described the after-effects of Vietnam to be worse than the war itself.

Sign the pledge declaring your support for all of the Vietnam service members — both the fallen soldiers and living veterans — for their tremendous sacrifice to our country.

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Petition Signatures

Jul 15, 2018 Wendy Springstead
Jul 9, 2018 Renella Kendall
Jul 5, 2018 Barbara Doucette God Bless the Vietnam veterans! Please recognize them & fix the VA! Compensation for Agent Orange exposure!
Jun 25, 2018 Gail Harold Skinner
Jun 25, 2018 Larry McMullen
Jun 25, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jun 18, 2018 Joan Kelly
Jun 16, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jun 16, 2018 Diana Hart Thank you for your service and to the ones who gave all for our FREEDOM!
Jun 15, 2018 (Name not displayed) I am a Vietnam Veteran , and I will suport all Veterans .
Jun 15, 2018 T.J. KRANTZ
Jun 14, 2018 Debra Blair
Jun 12, 2018 Jane Shapiro
Jun 11, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jun 11, 2018 Paula Hornibrook Military Brats: If your parent went to Vietnam War, speak up for them. War is an ugly thing. But it is a part of life, from Groups who think the want to rule the world.
Jun 11, 2018 Vicki Hambrick
Jun 11, 2018 Chasta Howes
Jun 11, 2018 Natasha Vargas
Jun 7, 2018 Harry Neyer
Jun 2, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 28, 2018 Tony Pascarella
May 27, 2018 Linda Bovee Thank you for your service. That really doesn't say enough.
May 27, 2018 Don Millspaugh During Desert Storm I was stationed in Dhahran (Khobar Towers). We received "care" packages which included a post card from the senders. I took them and sent them back saying that the Vietnam vets deserve our thanks too.
May 27, 2018 Davita Walker
May 25, 2018 Cody Baptist Gratitude and recognition to all who have served anywhere at any time!
May 24, 2018 Gunther Swecker Rest I Peace my Brothers an Sisters. While it pains us, we will never forget you. Thank you for your Great Sacrifice!
May 22, 2018 Aliyah Khan
May 22, 2018 Christine Sheehan
May 21, 2018 Helen Breuler
May 16, 2018 Kim Johnson
May 15, 2018 Mary Wilson
May 8, 2018 suzanne caruso
May 8, 2018 Sara Vilhena
May 8, 2018 Marion Barbour
Apr 28, 2018 Kaley Bill
Apr 26, 2018 Barbara Winski Many of these vetswent through hell. They don't need to again when they come home.
Apr 26, 2018 LINDA FANCHER
Apr 22, 2018 Ms. Jocelyn Valdez-Loqui
Apr 16, 2018 Nickie Farkas It is a privilege to sign this petition to honor veterans and fallen soldiers who sacrificed everything for America in Vietnam.
Apr 16, 2018 Karen McMurray
Apr 14, 2018 george lewis
Apr 11, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 6, 2018 thomas friedman
Apr 6, 2018 Stacey Dillingham
Mar 27, 2018 Tom Sekerak Am proud to be a Nam vet.
Mar 26, 2018 Sieglinda Preez
Mar 25, 2018 Jan Simpson Our Vietnam Veterans can not be left behind. They have seen horrors that will never be forgotten . There are the seen and unseen injuries. Vietnam Veterans are just as important as any other. They deserve our respect and backing.
Mar 25, 2018 Maria Sicari
Mar 22, 2018 Richard Han

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