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Sailor fighting his biggest battle

Amarillo, TX - An unfortunate circumstance has changed one local soldiers fight for American freedom into a fight for his own life.

Cody Lane said going into the Navy was the noble thing to do. However now, that journey is being put on hold.

Cody's grandfather, Richard Gaskill remembers it like it was yesterday...

"He's a great kid," Gaskill said. "He grew up right here, his mother is a single mom, his dad hasn't been around much. It wasn't that long ago I was picking him up right here at Lakeview school."

Today that young grandson has dedicated his life to protecting our freedom.

"[He] went through boot camp, got stationed in Bahrain on a mind sweeper, the USS Gladiator."

Cody enlisted in the Navy in 2013 right after graduating from Canyon High School. He began his duties aboard the USS Gladiator until one day an unfortunate accident changed his life.

"At first I hit my head on the ship, and you know they did a CT scan and determined I had a fracture in my neck so I was in a hard collar for a bit," Cody Lane, said. "And shortly thereafter, I started not feeling well. You know my gums started to swell and my mouth started to bleed pretty bad, and so I told my doc about it and he took me to the E.R. They ran a bunch of tests and what not and that's when I found out I had leukemia."

Cody's leukemia is severe, and is currently undergoing extensive chemotherapy every day. If you ask him though, the only thing this brave soldier wants is his mom.

"She's supposed to be here today, which is going to be awesome. Which, there's nothing like the support of family."

Because Cody's cancer is severe doctors said he may need a bone marrow transplant, which his younger brother Tyler has volunteered to donate.

Cody is currently still listed as active duty, but his orders right now are to get better.

Rick Gaskill
Borger, TX

Thanks to a young boy

I just watched the video of the young boy on Omaha Beach honoring the ones that died there that day and the veterans who were there. My Dad was one of those men that landed on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944. He was a member of the 70th Tank Battalion 4th Division. He survived that day, came home, met and married my Mother in 1946.

I just wanted to thank that young boy for honoring my Dad and all the others that landed on that beach in 1944

The military tradition continues in my family. My son served in the US Navy for 15 years and my grandson is now serving.

Beckley, WV

Help With our service dog training


Please read our story it has been I long road and hard getting our story out. My husband takes care all the time and has lost really all his friends. We need help get our story out.

Jennifer Harvey
Emmett, ID

Poem " America's Flag "

“ America’s Flag “

Fifty stars for fifty states

Of which we can be proud

Thirteen stripes, of red and white

Our flag doth cry aloud

Do not threaten me it cries

I am the symbol of a country great

We will not run, we will not hide

We are the United States

We are a country of freedoms

We will fight, we will not bend

Our men and women proudly serve

Till all wars are at an end

Do not try to frighten us

You cannot break down our door

You cannot kill tradition

Other countries have tried before

As I wave I give this warning

We are a country that stands tall

I am a flag that stands for freedom

I am the flag that will not fall

God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

By: William E. Kenyon

Bill Kenyon
Brimfield, MA


In 1984, I enlisted into the United States Army, like my step-father and father before me; I was very proud to serve my country.

I am not here to bash the military, or its veterans. Unlike combat vets that live a nightmare that I will never know, I live a nightmare that many vets will never know.

I am a survivor of MST. In case you do not know what that means, it stands for Military Sexual Assault.

My assault was not simply touching or intimidation; it was forced rape over several weeks. Due to those assaults, and the threats of death, I left the military.

Survivors of MST suffer PTSD and many other symptoms such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trust issues, and many other emotionally-dibilitating illensses that takes years, if ever, to overcome, or learn to deal with.

Many have attempted suicide, or have killed themselves.

Like our brothers and sisters that are combat vets, survivors of MST live with a nightmare that we wish would go away.

It has ruined my life -

Please, support those who, even though they have not served in a combat role, still suffer the trauma of what our fellow soldiers did to us.

They not only ruined the lives of those they assaulted, they ruined careers as well.

Ft. Pierce, FL

heroes in my family

I am new to this site but I support the veterans. I have a nephew and a second cousin who both went into the military last summer I am very proud of their courage.

Eureka, CA

Vietnam a political war.

I served in Vietnam, I had enlisted right after graduating from high school. I served in Vietnam from 1966 to 1967. I was proud to serve my country for all the military veterans that served before me made it possible to live in the United States my home.

The only problem was that the politicians were the ones that caused us to lose that conflict, since it hasn't been declared a war yet, but we lost more men in Vietnam then in WWII. My brother and I tried to get a farm VA loan for we both served in Vietnam. We were told we didn't qualify for it was not a war only a conflict. Yet our government gave to the boat people from Vietnam money to help them get settled in the USA. Just like today the Vet's coming home are finding they no longer have a job or it's hard to find one for there are to many illegal immigrants who are not citizens holding done the jobs. There are more vet's homeless then there is illegal immigrants. Why is this, because of the politicians we have.

I still love the USA the country I was born in. It's an honor to have served and done my part. We came home and were called baby and women killers during that period. Yet during that time how many pregnant young teens drug user were killing their child they were caring, because they were smoking pot.

I say welcome home to all my fellow Vet's from all wars and conflict and thanks for serving to help keep our country free.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Real Story

As a returning Viet Nam vet I was conflicted over my involvement and really could invite abusiveness from both extremes in the debates about the war. I pointed guns from a Navy destroyer and we killed a lot of people, but never saw the conflict up close and personal like many brothers I have come to know since. A few years ago while in Peru as a missionary I became aware of "The Politically Incorrect History of the Vietnam War" and read it when I could get it back in the US months later. It completed my understanding of the processes that got us there and the processes that "snatched defeat from the jaws of victory". The people that thank us now usually don't understand the war as it was, understand that we "lost it", and share a national guilt for mistreating the people that laid their lives on the line for national purposes that had merit and where if the treaties the US had in place hadn't been defunded by congress the perceptions would be reversed. Few of the people involved long ago or at present understand all that we were caught up in. We have our soldiers and sailors and airmen caught up in similar circumstances now and I am glad that many honor and welcome us all back from the challenges of war We are not losers and may our nation never be.

College Place, WA

The Veteran

This is a poem that I wrote. I am not a vet but I have the greatest respect for our armed forces, past and present.

The Veteran

Every year in November,

On the 11th day,

Our Nation lowers its head to remember,

The ones that had to pay.

The ones that guarded our country,

From enemies without and within,

Standing ever sentry,

From Boston to Berlin.

Many never returned,

From those foreign shores,

But all of them have earned,

The title "Veterans of Foreign Wars".

Many that did come home,

Were never the same as before,

They went to fight and roam,

Upon those foreign shores.

We must honor and cherish them,

Because for us they gave their all,

And for those that would condemn,

We must take them to The Wall.

Remind them that these few,

Sacrificed for us all,

For they are the glue,

That helped this country stand tall.

If we ever feel that we need more,

To convince us they gave their all,

Visit a VA Hospital and walk through the door,

"The Price of Freedom Can Be Found Within These Walls!"

©2015 William M. Ward

William Ward
Tannersville, VA

Returning from The Nam

It was Different then when I came home from the Nam . People were RUDE Spit at Us Cursed Us Hollared at Us and threw Eggs and Tomatoes at us for being baby and women Killers I'll never forget that till the day I die.Today I'm 75 .Now these same people ??? Shake my hand when I wear my Head gear ( hats) or T-Shirts and say Thank You for my Service and I get choked up every time. What a Difference it is now from when i came home from the NAM. Thank You to all who say Thank You for Your Service .I'm Proud to have Served My Country Ret. Major Richard Crayne 101st Airborne Rangers " HOORAH "

Richard Crayne
Detroit, MI
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