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Growing up, I heard stories of my Uncle Raymond Marsh, because no one shared my hair color, except my Uncle Raymond,a Purple Heart Medal Hero, combat fatality just days before end of WWII, shared my red hair. And mama Shared his letters even last one (as letters always took awhile to arrive you see). Letters described how he walked for miles to hear a sermon, about his wet feet and need for "galoshes," and of how much he missed his bride, Julia, who he married just before he left.

Back in that era,since he was the only male of 5 children with older father of poor health, it could have been requested that Uncle Raymond not serve when drafted, but remain home, but he and his father thought he should serve.

Mama shared the last letter, the Christmas before he was killed by a sniper in Luxembourg, tearfully, Mama had a bullet proof New Testament on lay away, making payments on it, and was to make the last payment and send it for its arrival by Christmas and then a letter came asking if she could please send him "galoshes" for his cold wet feet as a Christmas present. My mama didn't have the money to afford both and the store allowed her to place the lay away money from the bullet proof New Testament onto the galoshes to send.

Upon death, personal items returned included his New Testament with a bullet hole in it. Mama was unsure then if he had even received the Christmas galoshes and then the last letter arrived describing how much he appreciated the galoshes and how they were keeping his feet dry. Then, she knew the bulletproof New Testament would have arrived before his death and could have saved him, She would explain to me God has a plan for everyone, and not God's plan for Uncle Raymond to return, but remember him.

Therefore, I searched out his Arlington cemetery grave, share his story proudly, serve veterans, and have a red headed son that I imagine looks like my Uncle Raymond, the war hero.

Amy Holland
Marietta, GA

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