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I am a 100% disabled veteran with 4 children living with me. I would love to be able to find a permanent home to live in, but everywhere I try (here in Louisville, KY) they want complete checks into one's background, credit, job history, renter history, referral history, etc. Getting a Top Secret clearance in the military was easier than this. I cannot even use my supposed VA home loan certificate, because I owe the IRS money and they have something listed on my credit report -- which is the kiss of death when trying to obtain a loan. With this, it does not matter even if your FICO score is 800+; you WILL NOT find any lender, anywhere, to give you a loan -- EVEN WITH this supposed "government loan guarantee." Thus, I am effectively permanently homeless because of this, doomed to never actually OWN a home because of the large amount of taxes "owed" to the IRS [40% of my earnings, and above the $238,000 I already paid them]. I wish there were more opportunities for veterans to obtain a house to rent (I have NO late payments on my credit report, but because I used my credit cards to recently move here, my score dipped like 100+ points; from the low 700's to high 500's just due to "credit usage"). Thus, I have no derogatory credit, but a really low score. You simply cannot win, sometimes I feel like giving up and starting over in a different country. I don't mind this so much for me, but it is tough and unfair for my kids. I would like for them to have a permanent home, and to not have to move constantly or when something new comes up. Has anyone else encountered this? I would appreciate thoughts or comments; please send to Thank you

Louisville, KY

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