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Oh my God, they're coming again!

I'm so very scared…I don't want to die!

I look over the lip of my hole and see

the gray floating shapes below

shapes moving from tree to tree

shapes moving up the hill

shapes moving to kill me

shapes moving to take away my dreams

I raise my rifle and aim at a floating shape below

now closer…now more clear

I pull the trigger and a shape falls to the ground

grasping at itself

Other shapes…clearer still are coming at me

shooting at me

throwing grenades at me

coming for me

I can see the smoke from the barrels of their rifles

feel the closeness of the passing bullets

the concussion of their exploding grenades

the screech of passing rockets

the wail of their trumpets

the shriek of their whistles

I'm screaming and shaking with fear

but I aim carefully at shapes below

pulling the trigger…over and over again

Can't miss…almost out of ammo

can't miss…can't waste a round

there are shapes everywhere

so many shapes

God help me - please

I squeeze the trigger but noting happens

Oh God - I'm out of ammo!!!

I pull the magazine from my rifle and reach for another

I search and can't find one…panic, panic, panic

I find one…my last, and jerk it into place

Aim and fire, aim and fire and fire and fire

more shapes falling to the ground

bodies everywhere

death is all around me.

Shapes are coming

shapes everywhere

shapes coming at me

so many shapes

Help me!!

Charles Schwiderski
West Fargo, ND

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