Help Make Life Easier for Returning Veterans

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Support a bill that provides tax credits to businesses who hire veterans.

In these times of economic uncertainty, even individuals with education and experience are having a difficult time finding employment. So when a service member returns home from duty, finding work can prove an especially daunting task.

That's why we need to exhaust every possible avenue to make sure veterans have the best opportunities possible to find employment. Senator Patty Murray, Chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, unveiled the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) which will give businesses a tax credit for hiring veterans in Washington. Businesses will be entitled to thousands of dollars per service member they hire.

By giving businesses incentive to hire former service members, the WOTC will expand potential job opportunities for veterans, making it easier to find employment.

Thank Senator Murray for introducing the WOTC and taking another step forward in putting America's veterans to work.

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The Petition:

Dear Senator Murray,

Thank you once again for standing up for veterans.

You introduced the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) as part of Hire Heroes Act of 2011 in an effort to help veterans find and sustain employment. The WOTC will give businesses a strong incentive to hire former service members by providing them with a substantial tax credit for each veteran hired. The credit can be as high as $9,600 per veteran.

Right now, it's challenging enough for someone with education and training to find a job. It's even more of a difficult task for someone who's been away serving his or her country. That's why it's important we do all we can to make their lives back at home easier.

Thank you for your tireless advocacy for veterans. Please continue fighting on their behalf.

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Victory! In 2015, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) was signed into law! This is a huge victory for our returning veterans, there still remains significant barriers to economic success in civilian life. Sign this petition to tell the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs that our military personnel deserve a better program to help them reenter civilian life: