Thank Our Women in the Military!

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Sign the petition if you want to honor the women who have fought and are fighting for America.

Women have played vital roles in the history of the United States military. Since the American Revolutionary War in 1775, women have been on the front lines of war supporting our troops, serving as cooks, nurses, seamstresses, pilots, machinery and airplane manufacturers, and even disguising themselves as men in order to serve in battle.

Women have achieved great milestones in their history with the US military. In the Civil War, a woman named Jennie Hodgers served disguised as a man for three years without being discovered. During the War of 1812, The United States appointed its very first female Marine, Lucy Brewer.

These women have demonstrated courage, heroism, and a true dedication to country. We must honor the roles women have played in the history of our military and their contribution to keeping America safe.

Sign if you know a woman in the military and give her a mention in the comments. Or sign if you support the cause!

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