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Help End Veteran Suicide!

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A staggering 22 veterans choose to end their lives every day. Help us end this devastating problem!

In each of the wars since Korea, more Veterans have died from suicide than have died during actual combat protecting our nation. Unfortunately, despite the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Department of Defense and the Department of Veteran Affairs, this tragic problem is not improving.

Simply put, the current programs in place are solving the wrong problem. The armed forces have a very deliberate, rigorous program that transforms the civilian into a warrior, but they lack the same program to turn the warrior back into a civilian. StopSoldierSuicide.org's two year program seeks to address the mind, body, health issues, career challenges, and opportunities of at-risk veterans seeking services. The organization offers a transition program that doesn't currently exist elsewhere and helps veterans and their families gain back control and quality of life. Many Veterans are stuck between the role of the warrior and their post-military life. Also, many are struggling with new physical and emotional scares to contend with as well. StopSoldierSuicide.org addresses the unresolved issues of each veteran they serve individually so that they can transform and move beyond the military into the life they deserve. An expert staff oversees helping one client at a time with emotional support and careful placement into support programs through parters. They are building a system of support programs to provide a "reverse boot camp" and advocating for the implementation of this program through the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense to address this problem for future generations.

You can help! Just $5 goes to helping our veterans get the care they need and to help prevent future suicides.

Stop Soldier Suicide is a 501(c)3 organizations. Their mission is to end military-related suicide by helping service members and Veterans discover their post-military path to empowerment. They believe that we share a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in arms who suffer from the deepest, invisible wounds of war before they feel their only choce is taking their own lives.

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