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When it comes to America's veterans, there is no excuse for not providing the benefits they deserve in a timely manner. Snowstorms and other bad weather often cause the VA to stall on paying veterans' benefits, leaving countless former service members without the funding and assistance they need to survive.

Paperwork processing centers close down when severe weather takes place, and consequently our veterans are left stranded. Those who have sacrificed their lives for our country shouldn't have to bear the brunt of storms or other disasters — these processing centers need to find more efficient ways to continue doing business rather than simply shut down. Our veterans didn't have that option.

Write to House Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairperson asking him to support legislation that would prohibit veteran benefit processing centers from evading their important duties in the event of storms and other unplanned incidents.

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Dear House Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairperson:

I think it's outrageous that any veteran would have to wait for their benefit payments due to a snowstorm or other weather disaster. The fact is, when bad weather occurs, veteran benefit processing centers often close down. This means that veterans don't get their payments until the weather subsides and the workers return to the office.

This way of doing business seems highly flawed. When our soldiers were out in the rain, snow, or scorching heat, they weren't able to "close down shop" and go home. They stayed out on the front lines, in whatever conditions, laying down their lives for our country. There is simply no reason that something as common as bad weather should prevent them from receiving the benefits they've earned.

I am writing to ask that you draft and/or support legislation that will prohibit these processing centers from shirking their duties due to weather conditions. There is no excuse for failing to provide our veterans with the care they deserve.


Petition Signatures

Jul 16, 2018 josilda josilda
Jul 15, 2018 Tiffany Ash
Jul 15, 2018 LINDA FANCHER
Jul 15, 2018 Marsha Ross
Jul 5, 2018 Phyl Mo
Jul 5, 2018 Vernon Cooper
Jul 4, 2018 William Hotaling We should take care of the veterans who fought to keep our grand & glorious country free.
Jul 4, 2018 george thomas
Jul 4, 2018 Randall Bong
Jun 30, 2018 Douglas and Mary Lou Dyrssen Sr
Jun 25, 2018 Jack Martin
Jun 25, 2018 Bill Young
Jun 25, 2018 Joann Field
Jun 25, 2018 Lynne Minore
Jun 25, 2018 suzanne caruso
Jun 16, 2018 Debbie Kelly
Jun 15, 2018 Leah Helmer
Jun 14, 2018 Diane Kazimir
Jun 14, 2018 Diana Dee
Jun 14, 2018 Rick Hodorowich
Jun 14, 2018 Mary sunderhauf
Jun 14, 2018 Penelope Allingham
Jun 14, 2018 Leslie Poms
Jun 14, 2018 David Pascoe
Jun 14, 2018 Terri Sammarco
Jun 14, 2018 Margaret Brown
Jun 11, 2018 Paula Hornibrook Just because they are military, doesn't mean they should not be paid. Some have families, that need that money to pay bills, buy groceries, etc. The weather is always a problem. Government is the largest employer, should therefore pay their employees....
Jun 11, 2018 Vicki Hambrick
Jun 7, 2018 Joan Kelly
Jun 6, 2018 Brian Kelly
Jun 4, 2018 Madeleine Norris
Jun 1, 2018 Heidi Steffy
May 28, 2018 Tony Pascarella
May 23, 2018 Kelly Shanks
May 22, 2018 Aliyah Khan
May 16, 2018 Kim Johnson
May 8, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 8, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 8, 2018 Marion Barbour
May 8, 2018 Deborah Deshaies
May 5, 2018 Bonnie Steiger
May 3, 2018 Barbara Leary
Apr 28, 2018 Kaley Bill
Apr 22, 2018 Ms. Jocelyn Valdez-Loqui
Apr 22, 2018 Kimberly Corn
Apr 15, 2018 william elliott
Apr 11, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 8, 2018 chris bramlett-hawes

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