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Justice for Marineland Whales — Stop Neglect and Cruelty

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Join us in calling for accountability for Marineland's long history of animal neglect and cruelty.

Marineland has long been a beloved destination for families and tourists visiting Niagara Falls. However, recent revelations paint a troubling picture of neglect and mistreatment behind its cheerful façade.

The Dark Reality

In recent years, Marineland has seen an alarming rate of animal deaths, including 17 whales since 20191. Whistleblowers and former employees have come forward with harrowing accounts of the conditions faced by the animals, highlighting issues such as poor water quality and inadequate care2.

The deaths of two belugas have sparked fresh concerns over the park's ability to provide a safe environment for its marine inhabitants1.

Legal and Public Backlash

The park's treatment of animals has not only caused public outrage but has also led to legal repercussions. Marineland was recently found guilty of charges related to the mistreatment of black bears, which were kept in cramped quarters with insufficient access to water2. This conviction marks a significant moment in the fight against animal cruelty and sets a legal precedent for the treatment of captive animals in entertainment facilities.

Despite these issues, the response from Ontario’s Provincial Animal Welfare Services has been underwhelming. Investigations and inspections have been carried out, but little has changed in the way Marineland operates. This lack of decisive action underlines the need for public intervention to ensure that these creatures are treated with the respect and care they deserve3.

The ongoing situation at Marineland requires urgent attention. We must rally together to demand that Ontario authorities enforce stricter regulations and oversight. By holding Marineland accountable, we can help prevent further animal suffering and ensure that the park either reforms its practices or is shut down.

Take Action Now

The animals at Marineland cannot speak for themselves—they rely on us to be their voice. By signing the petition, you are not just expressing your concern; you are demanding action and justice for the countless animals who have suffered. Together, we can push for change and ensure a safer, more humane future for all creatures at Marineland.

Sign the petition today and make your voice heard!

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The Petition:

To the Prime Minister of Canada and the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned citizens urging Ontario authorities to take immediate and decisive action against Marineland for its continued mistreatment of animals. Reports and recent legal findings reveal a disturbing pattern of animal cruelty and negligence at Marineland, highlighted by the deaths of 17 whales since 2019 and the conviction for the mistreatment of three black bears in cramped conditions.

Despite repeated warnings and public outcry, Marineland has failed to address the systemic issues within its facilities, leading to unnecessary suffering and death of captive animals. The evidence presented by whistleblowers and confirmed by multiple sources can no longer be ignored. It is imperative that Ontario authorities enforce stricter compliance with animal welfare laws and ensure thorough oversight and regular inspections of Marineland.

We demand that the leaders of Marineland be held accountable for their actions. They must not be allowed to continue their cruel treatment of animals. This includes enforcing penalties, demanding immediate improvements to the living conditions of the animals, and, if necessary, the closure of the facility.

By signing this petition, we are calling for justice for the animals who have suffered at Marineland. Holding Marineland accountable will not only bring justice to the animals harmed and lost but will also pave the way for a future where animal welfare is respected and prioritized.


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