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The Detail - A Powerful Film Made to Honor Our Fallen

The Detail - A Powerful Film Made to Honor Our Fallen

I made the short film, "The Detail", to honor my close friend MSgt. Thomas V. Saunders, a MARSOC/Raider who died in a trainmen accident on March 10, 2015 with 6 other Raiders, his brothers-in-arms. I didn't know the impact the film would have on my life when I started the process just over two years ago. I've met so many incredible people who care deeply about those who serve and who showed up to help me make the film a reality.

There’s something undeniably wonderful about our military community, no matter where we go in the world. It’s an extended family and we know how to honor each other. We show up for each other when work needs to get done.

In a world of order and regimen, I’ve witnessed the many unique ways that our community handles homecomings – from parties to formal welcomes on base, people really love being able to connect with servicemen/women returning home, it’s one of the most joyous moments we have.

At Tom's funeral, I saw a unique side to a homecoming and was immediately inspired to share this beautiful story of honor and loyalty with you. The film is based on his "celebration of life" ceremony. It's a powerful tribute.

Yes, this film is about a group of Marine Raiders, but I wrote this film to honor ALL SERVICEMEN I hope you watch "The Detail" and come away with a new found respect for the camaraderie that keeps all who serve together, bonded together, forever.

The film is available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video FOR FREE, in honor of Memorial Day.

Kat Croft
Brooklyn, NY

St. John's

St. John's

I feel as if my life is a cluster of cloudy skies. Sometimes the sun will peek through, but the clouds return quickly. I remember days of happiness when the sky was blue and I had joy. I long for those days of sunshine and joy. When will they return? When will my tears cease and be tears of joy, instead of tears of sadness and extreme emotional pain?
When will my tears decrease so I can venture out into the world? My tears keep me isolated. To cry in public takes courage and makes me vulnerable. I know I can be vulnerable in places where love is present.
I cried many times at St. John’s and received love and support. The people at St. John’s did not judge, but loved me and accepted me. I miss them. I recall sobbing at St. John’s and being surrounded by people who loved. They prayed with me, sang to me and touched me. Being vulnerable with them allowed me to tell them my story. They knew that my tears were righteous tears.
St. John’s is a place of healing and comfort. God is present in the people at St. John’s. I could feel the love and warmth there.
Thank you Dear God for leading me there.
Love, Dawn

Georgetown, TX

The Strains of War

The Strains of War

Could Cannabis Be the Cure to Combat PTSD? The Strains of War Is the Provoking New TRUE STORY book released by a Veteran Struggling to Cultivate a Cure and Recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A solider going to war knows to expect the unexpected, and 'Doc' Gage Amsler encountered a lot of expected and unexpected trauma during his time in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. But he also stumbled upon a legendary cure hidden in the mountains along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He’d heard plenty about this mystical strain of cannabis working as a long time medic... but how much of it was true? Could this particular strain really be the salvation to PTSD? Could he cultivate it? Could he even get it home safely? Doc Gage had no doubt of the need for an effective treatment for PTSD for Vets. It’s no secret that too many of those who have served their country suffer for it for the rest of their lives with flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, a sense of detachment from loved ones, and difficulty functioning in day to day life. He knows how devastating PTSD can be because his own experiences in the military serving in combat areas have left him with PTSD. Across the US, military veterans with PTSD just aren’t getting the help they need. Left to fend for themselves thorough the struggle to re-join civilian society after experiencing the horrors of war, too many find themselves marginalized, isolated and unable to hold down a job due to their PTSD symptoms. Could the strain of cannabis he brought back from war help his fellow vets recover and return to full and rewarding lives? Follow his adventures and misadventures on the quest to develop this cannabis cure in 'The Strains of War'.

Robert Gage Amsler
Westland, MI



No Place to Call Home at Their State Veterans Home. Chelsea Soldiers Home (CSH) Residents, John and Maria McConnell, the first married veteran couple to meet at, to marry, and then to continue to live in the Home’s Domiciliary after their marriage, were forced to live inhumanely in separate CSH male/female dormitories and in separate CSH buildings without visitation rights, and to use Soldiers Home public lounges as their living room, as pictured here, throughout their short 4.5 years of marriage living at the Home, even while several CSH rooms remained unused, and even after the spouse, disabled USMC veteran John McConnell, had suffered a massive heart attack. After being thoroughly advised about this inhumane situation the CSH Superintendent, the CSH Trustees and the MA DVS failed to end the Home’s crime against humanity of marital apartheid forced upon the McConnell’s at the Home even when the Home’s 1877 founding statute established the Home for “soldiers and sailors and …their families.”

Now, Maria McConnell, a Veterans Affairs Advocacy Professional-at-Large, and now also a veteran widow, has asked Congressman Michael Capuano’s Office (D-MA) to schedule an Emergency State Legislative Oversight Meeting, lead by the MA Joint Committee on Veterans & Federal Affairs and State Legislators, at the Chelsea Soldiers Home on November 21, 22 and 23 of 2017. McConnell wants CSH Domiciliary Residents, a diverse group of MA veteran-voters and tax-payers, including veterans with Harvard and Oxford University graduate credentials, to have their first opportunity to tell State Legislators, face-to-face, in a meeting closed to CSH management, about the many abuses and inhumanities they have suffered at the Home. McConnell urges the Baker-Polito team and State Legislators to remove MA DVS Secretary Francisco Urena, CSH Superintendent Cheryl Poppe and all CSH Trustees from office.

McConnell, a two-time CSH Residents Council member, says Residents no longer have confidence in the Urena/Poppe team as they have betrayed the Baker-Polito commitment of good governance to Commonwealth veterans by gross mismanagement and egregious violations of the civil, human and constitutional rights of CSH Domiciliary Residents of which the McConnell tragedy is just another egregious example.

Dna. Maria St. Catherine McConnell
Chelsea, MA

No Home

I am a 100% disabled veteran with 4 children living with me. I would love to be able to find a permanent home to live in, but everywhere I try (here in Louisville, KY) they want complete checks into one's background, credit, job history, renter history, referral history, etc. Getting a Top Secret clearance in the military was easier than this. I cannot even use my supposed VA home loan certificate, because I owe the IRS money and they have something listed on my credit report -- which is the kiss of death when trying to obtain a loan. With this, it does not matter even if your FICO score is 800+; you WILL NOT find any lender, anywhere, to give you a loan -- EVEN WITH this supposed "government loan guarantee." Thus, I am effectively permanently homeless because of this, doomed to never actually OWN a home because of the large amount of taxes "owed" to the IRS [40% of my earnings, and above the $238,000 I already paid them]. I wish there were more opportunities for veterans to obtain a house to rent (I have NO late payments on my credit report, but because I used my credit cards to recently move here, my score dipped like 100+ points; from the low 700's to high 500's just due to "credit usage"). Thus, I have no derogatory credit, but a really low score. You simply cannot win, sometimes I feel like giving up and starting over in a different country. I don't mind this so much for me, but it is tough and unfair for my kids. I would like for them to have a permanent home, and to not have to move constantly or when something new comes up. Has anyone else encountered this? I would appreciate thoughts or comments; please send to Thank you

Louisville, KY

Veterans Day Poem

Veterans Day Poem

Dear Veterans,
You don’t know me but I feel as though I know you.
You wear a uniform, and you wear it proud.
I wear a suit to work but not for a battle ground.
You don’t know me but I feel as though I know you.
I don’t know how you do what you do or have done what you’ve done
I know I have great admiration as I can’t imagine your job being any fun.

You don’t have the happy hours,
You don’t have the flowers,
You don’t have the luxury of those nice hot showers.
You don’t know me but I feel as though I know you,

I know you have courage, I know you have the fight
And nothing about what you do should ever be considered light.
You leave behind who knows you best,
You family, your friends, and I am sure your pets.

I would never be in line to wear the boots that stomp or the medals that shine.
Every time I see you in the colors of honor it sends shivers up my spine.
You see, I don’t know you but I do know me.
A person who is humbled and free.
You don’t know me but I feel as though I know you

You have fought for me, a stranger that you may not know,
There are millions of us that you carry in tow.
Thank you is all I can say with all my heart
For wearing the uniform and doing your part.
I honor you on this day, and for fighting for the red, white and blue…
You see, You don’t know me but I feel as though I know you.

Gabriella Dalmolin
Ashburn, VA

Help a vet avoid being homeless again!

Help a vet avoid being homeless again!

Hello Friends,

My name is Ron. I am a child abuse survivor, a US Army Veteran and a recent victim of identity theft. I could really use some help. My home is threatened as I am in the process of declaring bankruptcy because of the ID theft.

The bank has not been very helpful with the investigation. They say they cannot show me the information they have, yet they hold me liable for the damages somebody else has caused me. The credit card companies were just as useful.

As I said, they are holding me liable for what some crook did and I could not believe it. In late May of 2017, I contacted a bankruptcy attorney. There was no way out of this mess, but at least the credit card company is a little nicer and more helpful to me. The bank remains as "the bank".

However, the debt is great, I have made late payments, but the mortgage company is at least making some effort to help me with spacing out payments, but this is difficult as my credit payments are higher now, even though they are about to be consolidated. It looks like I will end up losing this house, too.

I worked incredibly hard to pull myself out of the gutter. I do not want to be a homeless vet again. Please help me. I would like to stay here, but cannot do so without your help.

Please help and donate.

Ronald Ratliff
Stanardsville, VA

Boy scout building a memorial for the fallen soldiers in north bellmore ny.

Boy scout building a memorial for the fallen soldiers in north bellmore ny.

My name is John Benson I just read the story from the boy from north Bellmore new York playing his instrument for a disabled veteran after Memorial day parade was cancelled. The story said if we know of any kids helping Veterans to write in. I myself am a disabled Veteran my son John 111 is doing a memorial stone for our town’s Veterans memorial park. The last stone in the park was for the Vietnam war. John is a life scout with boy scout troop 192 in Bellmore NY. For his Eagle project he is doing a stone that will update the park and will be the last memorial to fit in the town square. He is working with the Bellmore V F W post 2770. The stone will include The Cold War, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and the Afghanistan War. He asked me for permission to do a memorial for the park to give back to the Veterans as I served during the Cold War, his grandfather served during the Vietnam War, and his great grandfather served in WW2. After getting the boy scouts permission John approached the V F W and they jumped on board to help with this project. John hopes to raise money through bake sales, car washes, spaghetti dinners tee shirt and magnet sales ect. The hope is to have the stone in place for Veterans day 2017

John Benson jr
north bellmore, NM

10 Year Air Forcew Veteran Is In Dire Need Of Help After Emergency Heart Surgery

Air Force Veteran Mark Taylor Had To Have Emergency Heart Surgery. He Is In Dire Need Of Assistance. Please Use The link Below To See His Story. Keep Him Lifted Up In Your Prayers

Use This Link To Help! I prayerfully ask that you also spread this link and story with all of your online contacts. God Bless.

Mark Taylor
Milledgeville, GA

Veterans who is Disabled collecting 100 percent service connected needs to have G4implants

To whom it may concern can you please try to convince Senators and Representatives who is on the Board of Veteran Affairs Committee in Washington, DC. passed a new Disabled Veteran Benefit Law which is if a Disabled Veteran who is collecting 100 percent service connected should be granted get the G4implants for free because it wasn't for Veterans we would not be call United States plus who would Defend United States. Even if the Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist that knows how to put in G4implants wants the all the money upfront from the Veteran Affairs Administration. Thanks

Arnold Cabral
Loudon, NH