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Help a vet avoid being homeless again!

Hello Friends, My name is Ron. I am a child abuse survivor, a US Army Veteran and a recent victim of identity theft. I could really use some help. My home is threatened as I am in the process of declaring bankruptcy because of the ID theft. The bank has not been very helpful with the investigation. They say they cannot show me the information they have, yet they hold me liable for the damages somebody else has caused me. The credit card companies were just as useful. As I said, they are holding me liable for what some crook did and I could not believe it. In late May of 2017, I contacted a bankruptcy attorney. There was no way out of this mess, but at least the credit card company is a little nicer and more helpful to me. The bank remains as "the bank". However, the debt is great, I have made late payments, but the mortgage company is at least making some effort to help me with spacing out payments, but this is difficult as my credit payments are higher now, even though they are about to be consolidated. It looks like I will end up losing this house, too. I worked incredibly hard to pull myself out of the gutter. I do not want to be a homeless vet again. Please help me. I would like to stay here, but cannot do so without your help. Please help and donate.

Ronald Ratliff
Stanardsville, VA