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St. John's

I feel as if my life is a cluster of cloudy skies. Sometimes the sun will peek through, but the clouds return quickly. I remember days of happiness when the sky was blue and I had joy. I long for those days of sunshine and joy. When will they return? When will my tears cease and be tears of joy, instead of tears of sadness and extreme emotional pain? When will my tears decrease so I can venture out into the world? My tears keep me isolated. To cry in public takes courage and makes me vulnerable. I know I can be vulnerable in places where love is present. I cried many times at St. John’s and received love and support. The people at St. John’s did not judge, but loved me and accepted me. I miss them. I recall sobbing at St. John’s and being surrounded by people who loved. They prayed with me, sang to me and touched me. Being vulnerable with them allowed me to tell them my story. They knew that my tears were righteous tears. St. John’s is a place of healing and comfort. God is present in the people at St. John’s. I could feel the love and warmth there. Thank you Dear God for leading me there. Love, Dawn

Georgetown, TX