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The Detail - A Powerful Film Made to Honor Our Fallen

I made the short film, "The Detail", to honor my close friend MSgt. Thomas V. Saunders, a MARSOC/Raider who died in a trainmen accident on March 10, 2015 with 6 other Raiders, his brothers-in-arms. I didn't know the impact the film would have on my life when I started the process just over two years ago. I've met so many incredible people who care deeply about those who serve and who showed up to help me make the film a reality. There’s something undeniably wonderful about our military community, no matter where we go in the world. It’s an extended family and we know how to honor each other. We show up for each other when work needs to get done. In a world of order and regimen, I’ve witnessed the many unique ways that our community handles homecomings – from parties to formal welcomes on base, people really love being able to connect with servicemen/women returning home, it’s one of the most joyous moments we have. At Tom's funeral, I saw a unique side to a homecoming and was immediately inspired to share this beautiful story of honor and loyalty with you. The film is based on his "celebration of life" ceremony. It's a powerful tribute. Yes, this film is about a group of Marine Raiders, but I wrote this film to honor ALL SERVICEMEN I hope you watch "The Detail" and come away with a new found respect for the camaraderie that keeps all who serve together, bonded together, forever. The film is available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video FOR FREE, in honor of Memorial Day.

Kat Croft
Brooklyn, NY